How the ending of Grand Theft Auto V ?

GTA 5 ending
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For those who haven’t played the game yet, beware of spoilers ahead.

GTA V offers players three different endings, each with its own unique outcome. These endings depend on the choices the player makes during the final mission, “The Third Way.”

Option A: Kill Trevor

If you choose this option, Michael and Franklin team up to take down their former ally Trevor. After a brief confrontation, Trevor meets his demise, and the two remaining characters part ways.

Option B: Kill Michael

In this option, Franklin teams up with Trevor to take down Michael. After a high-speed chase, Michael finds himself cornered, and Franklin ultimately pulls the trigger.

Option C: Save Everyone

This option sees all three protagonists teaming up to take down the game’s main antagonist, Devon Weston, and his cohorts. After a dramatic showdown, the three characters come out victorious and are able to live their lives without fear of retribution.

What sets Option C apart from the other two is the sheer amount of closure it provides. It ties up loose ends and gives players a sense of satisfaction that the other two endings don’t quite achieve.

But which ending is the “right” one? That’s ultimately up to each player to decide. Some prefer the darker, more ruthless endings, while others prefer the more positive conclusion of Option C.

Regardless of which ending players choose, GTA V’s unique storyline and immersive gameplay will continue to captivate audiences for years to come.

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