Will Your Car Insurance Cover Engine Failure?

No vehicle can work without a hitch assuming that its motor has matured by progressive utilization of the vehicle. It either should be fixed or supplanted, which can prompt heavy fixing costs. However, the inquiry is, do you need to cover the motor fix bill from your pocket, or will your vehicle protection cover motor disappointment? Peruse further to be aware in the event that vehicle protection cover motor failure.


Common Causes of Car Engine Failure

Engine disappointment might not exclusively be baffling yet its fixes at any point can likewise cost us intensely. Along these lines, for early discovery, it becomes fundamental for know why your motor can fizzle. The following are a couple of normal reasons that can make your motor stop working:

  1. Low Level of Engine Oil – If there isn’t adequate grease oil in a motor, it will prompt mileage over the long haul bringing about motor disappointment. Consequently, low degrees of motor oil can make your motor fail.
  2. Engine Overheating – Overheating of your motor can likewise make it fall flat. Assuming your vehicle’s cooling framework has been harmed, or the head gasket has blown, your vehicle might begin overheating, in this way, expanding the possibilities of motor failure. 
  3. Water Ingression – Water ingression is one more typical justification behind motor disappointment particularly in regions with weighty precipitation. Assuming that the water moves through the gulf complex of your vehicle, it can make extreme harm the vehicle’s engine.

Some other normal explanations for motor disappointment remember ignition for the motor, oil spills, disregarding the motor oil light, and wrong fueling.


Can I Claim Car Insurance for Engine Failure?

Consider you have bought vehicle protection cover for your vehicle and it meets with a street mishap. The harms supported by your motor because of a mishap will be covered under your engine protection plan. Along these lines, you can guarantee vehicle protection for motor disappointment in such a case.

However, assuming your motor is harmed by your carelessness or any mileage because of steady utilization of the vehicle, it won’t be shrouded in your engine insurance contract. Besides, any mechanical disappointment of your motor will likewise not be covered under your protection claim. 

So, you can enlist a case under your vehicle protection for motor harm in the accompanying situations:

  • Road mishaps bringing about motor failure
  • If a motor gets fire
  • Someone takes your vehicle and breaks the engine

Thus, your engine insurance contract won’t cover any motor fix or substitution costs that are not straightforwardly emerging out of incidental harm, fire or robbery. You can’t enroll a case for motor disappointment in such situations.

However, to cover any misfortune or harm to your motor, you can settle on the Engine Protection add-on cover.

What is Engine Protection Cover?

Engine Protection cover is an extra cover given by engine insurance agency under their vehicle insurance contract. This extra covers misfortune or harm to your motor regardless of whether it’s not coming about because of an accident.

An motor insurance add-on takes care of the expense caused in fixing or supplanting a motor and its parts. For instance, because of weighty downpours in your city, there has been waterlogging in your space. Therefore, your vehicle gets lowered in water, in this manner, making harm your motor. In such a circumstance, the motor security add-on will take care of the expense of fixing the harms supported by your motor due to waterlogging.

By paying an extra superior, you can undoubtedly remember this add-for in your current vehicle protection plan. In this manner, the motor security cover offers monetary guide against any harm to your vehicle’s engine.

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What is Included and Excluded Under Engine Protection Cover?

The motor insurance cover is an extra so it can’t be bought freely. You can add it to your current approach by paying an additional a premium.


The motor assurance add-on offers inclusion against any harm to the motor, harms to the gearbox, water ingression in the motor, spillage of oil, misfortune/harm to the hydrostatic lock, harm to the underside, cost of consumables and work cost as well.

On the other hand, the motor assurance add-on bars significant harms to the motor, harms because of power start, normal mileage, harms previously covered by the vehicle producer and water immersion until demonstrated as a feature of water ingression cover. 

Is Engine Protection Cover Worth It?


A motor is the spirit of a vehicle and any harm to the motor might prevent your vehicle from moving. In addition, fixing a motor can be truly costly in the event that you don’t have a motor security cover with your current strategy. Here is the reason you ought to choose the motor security add-on cover for your car: 

  1. The motor security cover offers monetary help when your motor gets harmed without being engaged with an accident. 
  2. This cover is a lot of ideal assuming you are living in a flood-inclined region as it can cover harms emerging out of water ingression. 
  3. If you have another vehicle, you could never maintain that any lamentable occurrence should harm its motor bringing about weighty consumption. Having a motor insurance add-on can save you from such expenses. 
  4. An motor security cover will likewise ensure that your harms are opportune fixed, consequently, making your vehicle work flawlessly for coming years.

Thus, buying a motor assurance cover can be exceptionally useful for you as it can cover you against the most costly piece of your vehicle for example your vehicle’s engine.



To close, your engine insurance agency won’t offer vehicle protection for motor harm. Yet, you have a choice to add motor assurance cover to your current arrangement on an extremely top-notch sum and acquire inclusion for any unexpected harms that your motor might support. Besides, assuming you are intending to buy vehicle protection with the motor assurance cover, you can rapidly contrast plans of various organizations along and the extra cover costs on Policybazaar.com and pick the most reasonable one for your car.