Why Should You Buy a Long-Term Car Insurance Policy?

Imagine what will occur on the off chance that you don’t have vehicle protection and meet with a mishap? To begin with, you should bear every one of the misfortunes & costs caused because of the fender bender. Second, you will be at risk to pay a fine or will be detained in light of the fact that driving a uninsured vehicle is unlawful in India. To keep away from such conditions, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 has made long haul outsider vehicle protection required for recently bought cars.


Long-term Car Insurance in India

As per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, it is compulsory to host a third-get-together responsibility cover for all vehicles utilizing on open streets. Outsider cover safeguards outsider people in street mishaps monetarily assuming the protected vehicle has caused them actual wounds, vehicle harms, property harms, or passing. You can get outsider cover for your four-wheeler under both outsider vehicle protection and complete vehicle insurance.

However, these insurance contracts ordinarily accompany one-year legitimacy. You want to restore your engine insurance contract before it gets terminated to guarantee proceeded with inclusion for your vehicle. In any case, a considerable lot of us find it hard to restore our protection year on year. Hence, to stay away from this yearly issue, you can benefit a drawn out engine insurance contract for your car.

As the name expresses, a drawn out vehicle insurance contract is a four wheeler protection contract that accompanies a legitimacy of 3 years. This strategy is otherwise called a long term vehicle insurance contract as it gives inclusion to your vehicle to numerous years. You can either select independent 3-year outsider vehicle protection or 3-year outsider protection with 1-year own harm cover.


In reality, from September 2018, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has commanded new vehicle proprietors to host long haul third gathering insurance contracts for their vehicles. In the event that you abuse this regulation, you might need to confront lawful results. Nonetheless, individuals who’ve bought their vehicle before September 2018 have a decision to settle on long haul vehicle insurance. 

For case, Mr. X is driving a uninsured new vehicle and harmed a passerby in a mishap. In this present circumstance, he won’t simply be obligated to pay remuneration to the outsider casualty yet in addition welcome a fine and additionally prison detainment. On the off chance that he had purchased a drawn out vehicle insurance contract for his new vehicle, he might have raised a case and forestalled the monetary misfortune & paying the fine.


Benefits of a Long-term Car Insurance Policy

A long haul vehicle insurance contract helps in diminishing the quantity of uninsured vehicles out and about and in this way, working on the potential outcomes of outsider case settlement. Allow us to comprehend the benefits related with purchasing a drawn out engine insurance contract

1. Advantageous  If you are one of those individuals who neglect to recharge their strategy on time, a drawn out vehicle insurance contract is the most ideal answer for you. This approach assists you with disposing of the issues associated with the reestablishment of a vehicle strategy annually.

2. Limits on Premiums- Insurers frequently offer worthwhile limits on expenses if there should be an occurrence of long haul vehicle insurance contracts. This happens in light of the fact that these vehicle insurance arrangements assist back up plans with lessening their managerial expenses and contract giving expenses. Further, you might get extra limits on your premium assuming that you have an enemy of burglary gadget introduced in your vehicle.

3. No Claim Bonus (NCB): A No Claim Bonus or NCB is a rebate on the vehicle insurance expense given to the policyholder for not raising a case during the past contract residency. With a drawn out vehicle insurance contract, you can benefit of higher NCB in contrast with a standard vehicle protection policy. 

4. Keep away from Risk of Non-Renewal- In case you really want to fix or supplant your vehicle or its parts after you have outperformed your arrangement reestablishment date, you should bear the costs out of your own pocket. This happens on the grounds that the inclusion isn’t accessible after the strategy lapses. With a drawn out vehicle insurance contract, there are lesser possibilities of you neglecting to restore your contract as the recharging will be expected after 3 years.


5. Significant investment Saving- A standard or momentary vehicle insurance contract expects you to present an inspected audit of your vehicle’s condition during its yearly restoration. A drawn-out engine insurance contract saves the time & exertion of directing this assessment each year.

6. Changes in Premium- The outsider premium still up in the air by IRDAI consistently. Assuming there is an expansion in the outsider charge rates by IRDAI, then, at that point, there will be no impact on your long term vehicle insurance installment for a considerable length of time. This is on the grounds that your approach recharging will come following 3 years and up to that point your premium can’t be changed.


How to Avail Benefits of a Long-term Car Insurance Policy?

To profit the advantages of a drawn out vehicle insurance contract, you should pay your expense consistently. You should constantly purchase a drawn-out insurance contract for your new vehicle regardless of whether you have bought it second-hand. Additionally, try to have your vehicle records like-RC, PUC testament, and driving permit, and so forth with you while driving the vehicle to try not to acquire a traffic challan.

Legal Penalties/Fines for Driving a New Car without Long-term Third Party Insurance

Under Section 81 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 2019, the punishment or fines for driving another vehicle without long haul outsider protection are-

  • First Offense- Rs.2,000 as fine and additionally detainment of up to 3 months
  • Second Offense- Rs.4,000 as fine and additionally detainment of up to 3 months


A long haul vehicle insurance contract has ended up being deserving of each and every penny spent on it. Plus, you don’t get a decision to skip getting it for your new vehicle. Henceforth, purchasing long haul vehicle insurance contracts are invaluable in all perspectives and are great for individuals who neglect to reestablish their contracts annually.