Why Royal Sundaram Can Reject Your Car Insurance Claim?

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance guarantee process is very straightforward and speedy. It gives both credit only fixes at in excess of 3,300 organization carports and repayment guarantee settlements. Be that as it may, there might be sure circumstances where the Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company might dismiss your protection claims. Peruse on to know the reasons that can prompt case dismissal by the insurance agency.


Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Policy

Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company offers two significant vehicle insurance contracts. These are outsider risk and extensive engine protection policy.

The outsider vehicle insurance contract covers any harms caused to an outsider’s property alongside outsider real wounds or demise during a mishap including the safeguarded vehicle. Notwithstanding, this arrangement avoids any harms caused to the guaranteed vehicle as well as the injury or demise of the vehicle’s proprietor/driver.

The complete vehicle insurance policy (Car Shield Package Contract) by Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company covers own harms caused to the safeguarded vehicle because of mishaps, fire, and so on alongside unplanned incapacity and demise of the vehicle’s proprietor driver. It additionally covers any outsider responsibility emerging out of property harms, injury or passing of the outsider brought about by the guaranteed car.


Reasons For Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Claim Rejection

Third-party protection cover is obligatory for each vehicle proprietor in India. Yet, you might select complete inclusion to likewise cover the misfortune or harms emerging out of vehicle fixes, robbery, and so forth. Nonetheless, numerous vehicle proprietors don’t as expected comprehend each provision referenced in their arrangement papers. Such misinterpretations can prompt errors that can, once in a while, bring about guarantee dismissal by protection companies.

Here are a couple of motivations behind why Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company can dismiss your four wheeler protection claim:

1. Disappointment in Notifying

If you neglect to advise the insurance agency in no less than 48 hours of the auto collision or robbery, then they might dismiss your case. Accordingly, you should illuminate the guarantor inside the specified time.

2. Name Transfer Issues

In case you neglect to move the name on the insurance contract while purchasing a trade-in vehicle, it can make the contract invalid and void. Consequently, it might prompt Royal Sundaram guarantee rejection.

3.  Installation of LPG or CNG Kit

If the establishment of LPG or CNG unit isn’t informed to the insurance agency, then, at that point, Royal Sundaram Car Insurance can reject the case raised under such an approach. Moreover, some other changes not advised to the guarantor can likewise bring about guarantee rejection.


4. Invalid Driving License

For the case to be handled, you should have a legitimate driving permit at the hour of your auto crash. In this way, having a substantial driving permit is an unquestionable necessity to keep away from Royal Sundaram guarantee rejection.

5. Business Use of the Car

If you had bought protection for the individual utilization of your vehicle yet all things considered, use it for business purposes, then the back up plan might dismiss the protection claim.

6. Tipsy Driving

If you are driving the safeguarded vehicle affected by liquor or medications, the insurance agency can dismiss your case on the off chance that you meet with an accident.

7. Noteworthy Loss

Any guarantee emerging out of a noteworthy misfortune to the vehicle can likewise be dismissed by the safety net provider. This is on the grounds that these misfortunes emerge as an outcome of your activities and not by any dubious occasion. For instance, any harm to the motor because of hydrostatic misfortune during monsoons.

8. Strategy Exclusions

Every four wheeler insurance policy comes for certain prohibitions/gambles with which are not shrouded in that contract. For instance, a case emerging because of vehicle robbery from an unstable parking area. Assuming you raise a case against such prohibitions, it can bring about Royal Sundaram vehicle protection guarantee rejection.

9. Not Reading the Claim Form Carefully

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance has a particular case structure, which you are expected to peruse and comprehend prior to raising a case cautiously. Assuming you neglect to appropriately peruse the case structure and don’t give satisfactory subtleties in the structure, the insurance agency can dismiss your protection claim.

10. Terminated Policy

If your engine insurance contract has terminated and you meet with a mishap, you can’t guarantee for something similar until you restore your contract. In such circumstances, the insurance agency has the total right to dismiss your case on a terminated policy.

Therefore, it is of most extreme significance to painstakingly peruse consistently insight concerning the case cycle and strategy in advance. In the event that you pass up anything, your case might have a possibility of being dismissed by Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company.


How to Claim Car Insurance Without Being Rejected?

Here are a few hints that you can follow to raise a Royal Sundaram Car Insurance guarantee without being rejected:

1. Notify Your Insurer

The most significant thing is to illuminate your insurance agency in no less than 48 hours about the occurrence including your vehicle. Also, follow the case interaction completely to stay away from any rejection.

2. Inform Before Repairs

In case you are getting your vehicle fixed because of a mishap, try to insinuate your engine protection supplier in advance. Your safety net provider might need to play out an investigation prior to handling the case. In the event that you neglect to illuminate them, they might dismiss your protection claim.


3. Inform About Any Modification

Always private your protection supplier about any additional alterations/fittings that you will make to your vehicle. This will assist you with staying away from Royal Sundaram guarantee dismissal in future.

4. Renew Policy on Time

To stay away from dismissal of your case, make a point to reestablish your four-wheeler strategy on time. Also, it is required to have a legitimate insurance contract with outsider cover for each vehicle proprietor in India. Subsequently, don’t drive with a lapsed protection policy.

5. Read the Policy Terms and Conditions

Before buying, read every one of the agreements of the four-wheeler insurance contract completely. Have a total comprehension of the considerations and prohibitions with the goal that you can stay away from any opportunity of your strategy being dismissed by the insurer.



Claiming your vehicle strategy with Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company is definitely not a muddled interaction. The organization expects you to peruse its case structure cautiously before buying with the goal that you face no dismissal issues while making your case later. You ought to likewise follow the previously mentioned tips to keep away from your four-wheeler protection guarantee being dismissed by the protection company.