What is Section 184 of the Motor Vehicle Act?

With endless traffic infringement in pretty much every Indian city, the 30-year-old Motor Vehicle Act went through many changes as of late. The public authority has made the punishment structure more stringent under the revised Motor Vehicle Act of 2019. It is expected for all vehicle proprietors to convey along their registration testament, driving permit, and vehicle protection reports consistently. As a suburbanite, read on to know the significance of Section 184 of the Motor Vehicle Act.


What areas 184 MV Cover?

With more than 43.9% traffic incidental passings in 2019, the public authority has rolled out a few improvements to the ‘Perilous Driving’ segment of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. The demonstration has been active beginning around 1988 and requires all drivers with comply to its guidelines. On neglecting to do as such, they might be rebuffed by robust fines and more.

Section 184 of this act is forced assuming the driver is driving their vehicle perilously. Anybody who drives their vehicle over as far as possible or in a way that seriously endangers others will be punished by this demonstration. The risk isn’t restricted to local drivers or inhabitants of the vehicles yet in addition incorporates close by travelers who might be frightened or jeopardized by the culprit.


Section 184 of the Motor Vehicle Act likewise covers subtleties and intricacies emerging out of topographical area, state of the climate, traffic circumstance, and so forth founded on which punishments or detainment is endorsed. The individuals who are viewed as at legitimate fault for this offense will be culpable under this section.

New Fines for Riders to Watch Out For!

While most riders love the adventure of speeding, ensure you’re mindful of the results speeding and risky driving might get you. There have been many changes in the demonstration with fines as high as Rs. 5 lakhs and Rs. 2.5 lakhs.


Not giving way to crisis vehicles is a tragically normal sight on every single Indian street. Presently the law will fine anybody obstructing an emergency vehicle and other crisis vehicles Rs. 10,000 and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. While these punishments fall under various areas, in this article segment 184 of Motor Vehicle Act will be covered.

Major Changes You ought to Know About

It is difficult to track each regulation correction that concerns our regular routines, so here are a few significant changes in area 184 of the Motor Vehicle Act:

  • As per the old rule, anybody driving perilously was fined up to 1,000 or detainment of up to six months.
  • Under the new changes, the fine can be stretched out to up to Rs 5,000 and the detainment can be reached out to dependent upon one year.
  • The new regulation has additionally expanded the prior fine of  Rs. 2,000 to Rs 10,000 which can comprise any of the accompanying situations:
  • Jumping a red light signal
  • Violating a stop sign
  • Overtaking or passing different vehicles by some unacceptable means
  • Driving wildly in a way that is far underneath the normal skill of a driver
  • Driving against the approved progression of traffic
  • Using cell phones/other handheld gadgets while driving
  • For the principal offense, the discipline can incorporate a fine of Rs. 1000 or detainment. The offense, whenever rehashed, will attract the equivalent penalty.
  • While the demonstration is forced solely after every one of the conditions have been thought of, on the off chance that the driver is affected by liquor or different intoxicants, they will likewise be culpable under area 185 of the engine vehicle act. Dashing or speeding a vehicle will get you a punishment of Rs. 5,000 for the principal offense. The second and resulting offenses will cost you Rs. 10,000.

Please note that these models are just with the end goal of clarification and are not restricted to this list.

All these progressions alongside the expansion in advanced observing and fines are simply intended to protect you while on streets. New traffic regulations require vehicle drivers to convey every one of the connected reports like contamination checks, driving licenses, and vehicle insurance papers along. While the regulations don’t make it mandatory to convey your vehicle’s protection, it should in any case be purchased.



Driving without an outsider insurance will additionally bring about punishments up to Rs. 4,000 whenever rehashed. Thus it is fundamental that you cautiously analyze various plans and purchase the best vehicle protection on Policybazaar. With expanded fines and stricter principles hopefully there is better adherence to the law.