Jaipur Traffic Police Challan & Traffic Fines

Being one of the most visited objections in India, Jaipur attracts an enormous populace from everywhere the world. Also, it is the eleventh most populated city in India. Because of this, overseeing traffic has forever been difficult for the Jaipur Traffic Police. To keep a mind traffic rule infringement and blockage on street, they have forced stringent traffic challan rates in the city.


Jaipur Traffic Rules

Despite being an exceptionally populated city, the traffic conditions in Jaipur are superior to most Indian urban communities. This is because of expansive & smooth streets and lesser obstructions like potholes and speed breakers. Besides, the traffic police of Jaipur are extremely strict and issue e-challans to anybody abusing the traffic rules.

Traffic infringement in Jaipur have expanded imperceptibly throughout recent years. The significant purpose for these expanded traffic infringement in Jaipur is the overspeeding of vehicles. To check this and punish the violators, Jaipur Police screen the traffic utilizing CCTV cameras across the city.

With a mean to advance street security, the Jaipur Traffic Police executed the New Motor Vehicles Act, 2019 ten months after it became viable from September 1, 2019. Under this corrected demonstration, the Government considerably expanded traffic challan rates to lessen traffic rules infringement in India.

However, Rajasthan, later, diminished specific traffic challans to a 10th of what was executed under the new engine regulations. Subsequently, every vehicle proprietor in Jaipur needs to keep these traffic guidelines obligatorily to try not to be vigorously fined.


Documents Required to Avoid Jaipur Traffic Challans

To keep away from Jaipur traffic fines, each vehicle proprietor in the city should convey these archives while driving on roads:

  1. A substantial driving permit (DL)
  2. Registration Certificate (RC)
  3. Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
  4. Valid vehicle protection policy


A vehicle driver in Jaipur got with next to no of these required archives by the traffic police, will be considered as a traffic rule violator. He/she will be liable to applicable Jaipur traffic challan.


Jaipur Traffic Fines List

Following is the rundown of Jaipur traffic challan rates as forced by the Jaipur Traffic Police:

Jaipur Traffic Rules Violation

Revised Jaipur Traffic Fines
(As of July 2020)

Driving without a substantial license

Rs. 5,000

Drunk Driving

  • Rs. 10,000 for the first offence
  • Rs. 15,000 for the second offence


Rs. 1,000

Not wearing a safety belt while driving

Rs. 1,000

Driving a vehicle without vehicle insurance

  • Rs. 2,000 for the first offence
  • Rs.4,000 for the resulting offence

Common traffic violation

Rs. 200

Driving without a permit

Rs. 10,000

Jumping red light

Rs. 1,000

Dangerous/Rash Driving

  • Rs. 1,000 for the first offence
  • Rs. 10,000 for the ensuing offence

Using a cell phone while driving

Rs. 1,000

Blocking the way for crisis vehicles

Rs. 10,000

Driving when disqualified

Rs. 10,000

Driving an unregistered vehicle

Rs. 2000-Rs.5,000

Violating traffic police orders

Rs. 500

Driving in restricted areas

Rs 20,000

Any vehicle driver in Jaipur found disregarding these traffic rules will be obligated to pay a challan, as referenced above, to the traffic police. They might be given an e-challan, which must be paid inside the following 60 days.

How to Pay Jaipur Traffic Fines?

If a vehicle proprietor has gotten an e-challan for Jaipur traffic rule infringement, he/she should pay something similar to the Jaipur Traffic Police. Additionally, assuming a standard violator is gotten on the CCTV cameras, the traffic police will send an e-challan, which can be paid on the web and offline.

Ways to Pay Jaipur Traffic Challan Offline:

A vehicle driver in Jaipur can pay an e-challan disconnected by following any of the techniques given below:

Method 1: Visit the closest traffic police headquarters. Produce the challan receipt at the installment counter and pay the challan amount.

Method 2: Approach a traffic cop having an e-challan machine. Pay the challan sum through the machine and gather the installment receipt immediately.

Method 3: Send the challan sum through a check, request draft or pay request to the central command of the Jaipur Traffic Police.


Steps to Pay Jaipur Traffic Challan Online

Paying an e-challan online in Jaipur is helpful. Follow these means to pay Jaipur traffic fines online:

  1. Visit the Rajasthan Police website
  2. Click on the ‘Challan Search’ option
  3. Click “Acknowledge” on the following page
  4. Enter the challan number/vehicle registration number and snap “Search”. Then again, first name, last name and DOB can likewise be placed to look for challans.
  5. Confirm the challan sum and snap on “Make Payment”.
  6. Make the installment by means of net banking
  7. Once the installment is finished, print/download the installment receipt.

Jaipur Traffic Rules You Must Follow

To try not to pay heavy traffic fines, each vehicle proprietor in Jaipur should follow the accompanying traffic rules:

    • Always convey all the necessary vehicle related reports while driving. These incorporate DL, PUC, RC and vehicle protection papers. Inability to show any of these reports might bring about traffic fines.
    • Wear a safety belt while driving as it can save the driver if there should be an occurrence of a street accident.
  • Refrain from overspeeding and drive inside as far as possible to try not to pay a fine.
  • Do not drive under the influence as this may attract weighty fines as well as lead to genuine street casualties.
  • In case your vehicle protection is going to terminate, get new vehicle protection online before the due date.
  • Don’t utilize a cell phone while driving as doing so can attract a traffic challan.
  • Avoid stopping in the “No Parking Zone”. All things being equal, leave vehicles in assigned parking spots only.

Use markers and side mirrors while making a turn or moving to another lane to stay away from an accident.