Indore Traffic Police Challan & Traffic Fines

Being the biggest and most crowded city in Madhya Pradesh, Indore faces weighty traffic clogs and traffic rules infringement. To control this, the Indore Traffic Police has set out specific traffic decides that each vehicle proprietor in Indore ought to follow to try not to be fined. Peruse further to find out about Indore traffic rules and traffic fines.


Traffic Rules in Indore

Indore is likewise one of the business centers of India, which attracts a huge populace from the nation over. In addition, because of less information on driving manners, individuals don’t keep traffic guidelines appropriately in the city. In this way, the city traffic police are exceptionally careful with regards to handling traffic infringement in Indore.

With the rising traffic rules infringement and street mishaps all around the country, the Indian Government changed the Motor Vehicles Act in 2019, which happened on September 1, 2019. This corrected Act accompanied more extreme traffic infringement challans. Any vehicle proprietor the nation over found abusing the traffic rules is dependent upon strong traffic fines as expressed in the Act.

However, not all states executed these revised traffic fines, including Madhya Pradesh. The Madhya Pradesh Government thought about these fines as steep and cruel for people in general and subsequently, didn’t execute them in the state.


Documents Required to Avoid Indore Traffic Challans

To stay away from a traffic challan in Indore, each vehicle proprietor is expected to keep specific obligatory archives while driving. These are:

  • Registration Certificate (RC) of vehicle
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
  • Driving License (DL)
  • Car insurance contract papers

If a vehicle driver is gotten with no of these reports when asked by the traffic cop, he/she might need to pay a weighty traffic challan to the Indore Traffic Police.


Indore Traffic Challan List

Since Madhya Pradesh didn’t carry out the corrected engine laws of 2019, the challan rates stayed fixed according to the old engine regulations. Here is a rundown of traffic challan rates in Indore for various traffic rules violations:

Indore Traffic Rules Violation

Indore Traffic Fines

(As per Motor Vehicles Act, 1988)

Driving without a legitimate driving license

Rs. 500 as well as 90 days imprisonment

Minor driving a car

Rs. 500 as well as 90 days imprisonment

Driving at an over the top speed

  • Rs. 400 for the first offence
  • Rs. 1,000 for the ensuing offence

Driving dangerously

  • Rs. 1,000 as well as a half year detainment for the first offence
  • Rs. 2000 as well as 2 years detainment for resulting offences

Drunk Driving

  • Rs. 2,000 and additionally a half year detainment for the first offence
  • Rs. 3000 as well as 2 years detainment for the resulting offence

Driving when intellectually or genuinely unfit

  • Rs. 200 for the first offence
  • Rs. 500 for the ensuing offence

Driving without a vehicle insurance

Rs. 1,000 or 90 days detainment or both

Using a cell phone while driving

  • Rs. 100 for the first offence
  • Rs. 300 for the ensuing offence

Failure to submit to traffic signs

  • Rs. 100 for the main offense   
  • Rs. 300 for ensuing offences

Driving a vehicle without showing number plates

  • Rs. 100 for the main offense   
  • Rs. 300 for the resulting offence

If any vehicle driver in Indore is found abusing the previously mentioned traffic rules, then, at that point, he/she might need to pay a traffic challan. In the event that the violator is gotten on the CCTV cameras, he/she might get an e-challan, which can be paid on the web or offline.

How to Pay Indore Traffic Challan?

A vehicle proprietor driving in Indore can pay e-challan by means of on the web and disconnected strategies referenced below:


Ways to Pay Indore Traffic Fines Offline

To pay a traffic challan disconnected in Indore, follow any of the ways referenced below:

  1. Visit any police headquarters in Indore alongside the e-challan and driving permit. Pay the traffic fine sum in real money and get the receipt.
  2. Find a traffic cop with a handheld e-challan machine. Give the expected data like a driving permit, vehicle number or e-challan number to make the installment and get the receipt immediately.


Procedure to Pay Indore Traffic Fines Online


Follow these means to pay an Indore traffic challan online:

  1. Visit the ‘Madhya Pradesh Traffic Police E-Challan’ website
  2. Enter the vehicle number
  3. Enter the manual human test and snap on “Search”
  4. Click on the challan to be paid from list
  5. Select the ideal installment method
  6. Make the payment
  7. Once done, an affirmation alongside the transaction ID will be received.

Indore Traffic Rules You Must Follow

Violating traffic rules in Indore is a culpable offense. Each vehicle driver in Indore should observe the accompanying traffic guidelines while heading to try not to be vigorously fined:

  1. Understand and comply with the markings & traffic signals on the road.
  2. Keep every one of the essential archives like driving permit, PUC endorsement, vehicle registration testament and vehicle insurance contract with you to try not to procure a traffic challan.
  3. Never obstruct any crisis vehicle from passing as it is thought to be a culpable offence.
  4. Never contend or resist any traffic cop. Additionally, don’t try to run when come by a cop as it can land you in genuine trouble.
  5. Do not utilize a cell phone while driving as it might bring about traffic fines as well as street causalities.
  6. Never drive drunk as it is hazardous and can prompt weighty traffic challan and imprisonment.
  7. Always wear safety belts to remain protected from extreme street accidents.
  8. In instance of lapsed protection, restore vehicle protection online as soon as possible.