Hyderabad Traffic Police Challan & Traffic Fines

Being the seventh most populated city, Hyderabad has become one of the quickest developing urban areas in India. This has additionally prompted a ton of traffic in the city as well as traffic rules infringement out and about. To check this, Hyderabad Traffic Police is utilizing the furthest down the line innovation to catch and fine the traffic rule-breakers across the city. Peruse further to get a knowledge on Hyderabad traffic rules and challans executed by the traffic police.


Hyderabad Traffic Rules

Hyderabad being a metropolitan city has strict standards to keep up with traffic and street wellbeing across the city. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, has set out specific traffic rules for each vehicle proprietor in the country to strictly follow on the road. 

With a rising number of street losses, Hyderabad Traffic Police have become more careful. They have introduced top notch CCTV cameras to get the perpetrators & traffic rule violators and rebuff them with strong fines. 

However, with great street infrastructure, the instances of overspeeding have additionally expanded throughout the long term. To guarantee street wellbeing of individuals and adherence to traffic controls, the Government has made specific changes to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, which appeared on September 1, 2019.


The changed Act has expanded the traffic fines significantly so every vehicle proprietor on the streets of Hyderabad as well as the nation over follows them strictly to forestall acquiring a traffic challan. 

Documents Required to Avoid Hyderabad Traffic Challans

The Hyderabad Traffic Police has made it mandatory for each vehicle proprietor to convey the accompanying records with him/her while heading to keep away from Hyderabad traffic fines. Take a look:

  1. A legitimate vehicle driving license
  2. Registration Certificate (RC) of your vehicle
  3. Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
  4. A vehicle protection policy 


In case a vehicle driver can’t show any of these records to the traffic police, he/she will be considered as a traffic rules violator and may need to pay a fine. 

Hyderabad Traffic Fines

Here is a rundown of Hyderabad traffic challan rates that each vehicle proprietor ought to be aware prior to driving on the streets of Hyderabad:

Traffic Rule Violation (Offence)

 Hyderabad Traffic Challan Rates
(As of September 1, 2019)

Driving a vehicle without a legitimate license

Rs. 5,000 

Driving with a precluded license

Rs. 10,000

Driving a vehicle without a legitimate vehicle protection policy

  • Rs. 2,000 for the first violation
  • Rs. 4,000 for ensuing violation

Driving a vehicle dangerously

Rs. 5,000

Driving a vehicle without a permit

Rs. 10,000

Using a cell phone while driving

Rs. 5,000 

Driving vehicle under impact of intoxicants

  • Rs. 10,000 as well as a half year prison
  • Rs. 15,000 as well as 2 years prison for the second violation.

Road rules violations

Rs. 500


Rs.1,000-Rs. 2,000

Driving an unapproved vehicle without a legitimate license

Rs. 5,000

Not wearing a seatbelt

Rs. 1,000

General offence

Rs. 500

Not permitting crisis vehicles to pass

Rs. 10,000

Juvenile Offences

Rs. 25,000 + 3 years imprisonment

If a vehicle proprietor is found abusing any traffic rule in Hyderabad, the traffic police can issue a challan as indicated by the engine laws of the country. If he/she is found disregarding the traffic rules on CCTV cameras, he/she will be sent an e-challan that should be paid on the web or offline.


How to Pay Hyderabad Traffic Challan?

You can pay a Hyderabad traffic police challan either on the web or disconnected. Investigate the method to pay an e-challan in Hyderabad:

Ways to Pay E-challan Offline:

There are two methods for paying a Hyderabad traffic e-challan disconnected, which are as follows:

  1. Visit the closest traffic police headquarters. Pay the challan sum in real money or through some other accessible installment mode.
  2. Pay the fine add up to the traffic cop having an e-challan machine. Give the challan number and DL to the cop to pay the e-challan sum. Gather the installment receipt following the payment.


Steps to Pay Hyderabad Traffic Challan Online:

To pay an e-challan online in Hyderabad, follow the means referenced below:

  1. Visit the Hyderabad Traffic Police website
  2. Click on the “Administrations” menu
  3. Now, select the e-challan status option
  4. Enter the vehicle registration number or driving permit number
  5. Answer the check question and snap on “Go”
  6. Verify the e-challan details 
  7. Make the installment internet utilizing net banking, charge/credit card
  8. Once paid, get the installment receipt that can be saved or printed for future references.


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Hyderabad Traffic Rules You Must Follow

To keep away from street mishaps and challan by the traffic police, make a point to observe the Hyderabad traffic guidelines referenced below: 

  • Make sure to not involve cell phones while driving as it can prompt a hazardous accident. 
  • Always convey a printed version or delicate duplicate of archives like permit, contamination control declaration, registration authentication and vehicle insurance while heading to try not to get fined by the traffic police. 
  • Do not overspeed and adhere to the given speed breaking point to stay away from any street casualty.
  • Follow all the traffic rules, paths and signs each time while driving on the road. 
  • Refrain from driving affected by any intoxicant like liquor. This may bring about significant mishaps as well as attract weighty fines. 

Make sure to utilize blinkers or markers while changing a path. An unexpected path change without sign might prompt serious street fatalities.