Chandigarh Traffic Police Challan & Traffic Fines

Being the capital of two significant states in India, Chandigarh attracts a huge populace from everywhere the country. This city is known for its all around arranged and kept up with infrastructure. In any case, alongside a rising populace, the quantity of vehicles on street is additionally expanding. This has caused a great deal of clog in the city alongside an ascent in street mishaps, which has made the city traffic police more watchful about Chandigarh traffic rules and fines.


Chandigarh Traffic Rules

To keep up with smooth traffic and street wellbeing, the Government has forced the strictest guidelines and guidelines in Chandigarh. Any individual who is found disrupting traffic norms on streets will be likely to the heaviest fines. 

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 frameworks the traffic decides and fines that are required in the event that anybody is found disrupting the traffic norms. These traffic rules apply all over India and each vehicle driver on street in Chandigarh ought to follow them mindfully in the event that he/she would rather not procure a challan. 

Moreover, according to the new alterations under Motor Vehicles Act, 2019, the traffic fines and punishments for traffic rules infringement have been considerably expanded. The new traffic challan rates happened from first September 2019. 


Despite this revision, there has been a 33% increment in street mishaps in Chandigarh in 2021 according to a concentrate by the UT Traffic Police. Such a disturbing figure requires endeavors on piece of individuals to take traffic governs more seriously.

Documents Required to Avoid Chandigarh Traffic Challan

According to the Chandigarh traffic rules, you should convey the accompanying reports with you while heading to try not to pay a weighty traffic challan to the police:

  1. A substantial vehicle driving license
  2. Registration Certificate (RC) of your vehicle
  3. Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
  4. A vehicle protection policy 


If a vehicle driver neglects to show any of these archives to the traffic police, he/she will be dependent upon a traffic challan for abusing Chandigarh traffic rules. 

Traffic Fines in Chandigarh

The traffic police of Chandigarh has given traffic challans to anybody abusing the set traffic rules. These challan rates are as follows:

Traffic Rules Violation 

Chandigarh Traffic Challan Rates

Driving past the speed limit

● Rs. 1,000 for first-time offenders.

● Rs. 2,000 for ensuing offences

Failure to create driving permit on request by police

● Rs. 500 for the first offence

● Rs.1,000 for the second offence

Driving without DL/terminated DL

Rs. 5,000

Vehicles abusing contamination standards

● Rs. 2,000 for a first-time frame offence 

● Rs. 5,000 for the second violation 

Underage Driving

● Up to Rs. 25,000.

● Up to 3 years detainment for the vehicle owner 

● The underage driver might confront adolescent trial. 

Drunk Driving

Rs. 10,000 alongside a detainment of 6 months 

Expired or no outsider vehicle insurance

● Rs. 2,000 for the first offence

● Rs. 4,000 for the second offence

Use of a cell phone while driving

● Rs. 2,000 for a first-time frame offence

● Rs. 10,000 (inside initial 3 years) for rehashing the offence

Not following obligatory on-street signs

● Rs. 500 for the first offence

● Rs. 1,000 for rehashing the offence

Driver & co-drivers not wearing a seatbelt

Rs. 1,000

Expired/no Registration Certificate

● Rs. 5,000 for the first offence

● Rs. 10,000 for the second offence

Learner driving violations

● Rs. 500 for the first offence

● Rs. 1,000 for the second offence

Disobeying sign of a traffic police officer

● Rs. 500 for the first offence

● Rs. 1,000 for the second offence

Smoking while driving

● Rs. 500 for the first offence

● Rs. 1,000 for the second offence

Wrong or no number plate

● Rs. 5,000 for the first offence

● Rs. 10,000 for the second offence

Road charge not paid

● Rs. 500 for the first offence

● Rs. 1,000 for the second offence

If a vehicle proprietor neglects to observe Chandigarh traffic guidelines, he/she will be expected to take responsibility for infringement and can be given a challan by the Chandigarh Traffic Police. The challan can be paid on the spot. Be that as it may, if an e-challan has been given against the guilty party, he/she can pay it online as well as offline. 


How to Pay Chandigarh Traffic Fines?

If an individual is discovered disregarding traffic rules in Chandigarh and has been given an e-challan, he/she can pay it disconnected or online. Take a gander at the method to pay an e-challan below: 

3 Ways to Pay E-challan Offline in Chandigarh:

  1. Pay the e-challan sum disconnected in real money by visiting the closest Chandigarh traffic police station.
  2. Approach a traffic cop having an e-challan gadget. Give the official the challan number and DL number to acquire an e-duplicate of the challan. Pay the fine and take the installment receipt right away. 
  3. Send the e-challan installment through a compensation request, request draft or check to the Chandigarh Traffic Police Headquarters’ address.

Steps to Pay Chandigarh Traffic Challan Online:

  1. Visit Parivahan e-Challan website 
  2. Select “Really take a look at Challan Status” under ‘Check Online Services”
  3. Now, fill in the challan number or DL number or vehicle number 
  4. Type the manual human test code
  5. Select “Get Detail” to see every one of the subtleties connected with the e-challan 
  6. Select the challan that should be paid 
  7. Provide the installment subtleties and affirm the payment

Traffic Rules to Follow in Chandigarh

To try not to pay weighty Chandigarh traffic fines, make a point to keep all the traffic guidelines referenced below:

  1. Carry a printed version/delicate duplicate of the driving permit, PUC, vehicle insurance contract, and registration endorsement while driving.
  2. Make sure to adhere to all the traffic guidelines, lights and signs laid by traffic police to keep away from any fines. 
  3. Always wear a safety belt while driving. This can assist with safeguarding against major injuries. 
  4. Do not drive drunk at any expense. Not exclusively will it lead to weighty challans yet will likewise be a gamble to the driver’s and the travelers’ life. 
  5. Stick to allowed speed limits as over-speeding might attract fines. 
  6. Do not utilize a PDA while driving. 

Make sure to get compulsory and legitimate vehicle protection to forestall paying weighty fines.