Tips to Reduce Your Tata AIG Car Insurance Premium

Planning to purchase a Tata AIG vehicle insurance contract yet stressed over paying a higher charge? Indeed, on the off chance that you don’t buy insurance for your vehicle, you might wind up paying significantly more on vehicle fixes than your current installment. It is likewise obligatory for each vehicle proprietor to have a legitimate engine insurance contract according to the engine laws of India. Subsequently, to assist you with getting four-wheeler protection at the best rate, here are a few hints to decrease the Tata AIG vehicle protection premium.


How to Reduce Tata AIG Car Insurance Premium?

Before buying an insurance contract for your vehicle, you should analyze different protection designs and pick the one that suits your necessities. With regards to buying vehicle protection, you can utilize these tips to lessen Tata AIG vehicle protection premium:

1. Increment Voluntary Deductibles

A willful deductible is a sum that the protected deliberately consents to pay for vehicle fixes in case of a protection guarantee. The leftover total is paid by the insurance agency. Along these lines, the higher is the deliberate deductible, the lower will be the charge of the protection policy.

So, to decrease your Tata AIG four-wheeler insurance installment, you can choose a higher deliberate deductible. Nonetheless, try to pick a sum that you can pay without much hassle.

2. Fabricate Your No Claim Bonus (NCB)


No Claim Bonus is a markdown that you get consistently on the off chance that you don’t enroll a protection guarantee. Once amassed, a NCB can be utilized to lessen the premium of your reestablishment strategy. For instance, assuming your vehicle requires minor fixes and you pay from your pockets as opposed to documenting a case, you will actually want to develop your NCB, which can be utilized to decrease your following year’s premium. Besides, in the event that you save 5 years of NCB, you can get up to a half markdown on your restoration premium.

Thus, one more tip to decrease Tata AIG vehicle insurance installment is staying away from claims for minor fixes and expanding your NCB discount.

3. Add Security Features

Installing security gadgets, similar to against robbery alerts, brake locks, and so forth, in your vehicle can likewise help in decreasing your four-wheeler insurance installment. Gadgets like enemy of burglary gadgets can safeguard the vehicle from robbery or theft. By introducing these gadgets, you can decrease the possibilities making insurance claims, which can help in lessening your payments as well.


However, try to introduce ARAI-endorsed (Automotive Research Association of India) security gadgets assuming you need the engine insurance agency to bring down your premium.

4. Reestablish Policy on Time

A engine insurance contract lapses in a single year of procurement, after which it must be restored once more. On the off chance that you don’t recharge your approach on time, it will get terminated and in the long run pass. All things considered, the insurance agency might charge an extra expense for the time you have been driving with the terminated strategy. Furthermore, a slip by in the insurance contract can prompt re-review of your vehicle as well.

Thus, reestablishing vehicle insurance before the expiry date can help in keeping away from premium climbs. You can likewise go on at the old premium pace of the approach with convenient renewal.

5. Think about Policies Online

To pick the best insurance contract for your vehicle, you ought to initially look at changed vehicle protection plans on the web. You can visit Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited and look at changed insurance contracts. You can likewise check and look at their expenses utilizing a vehicle protection mini-computer online.

By contrasting the insurance contracts along and their charges, you can choose the one that best accommodates your necessities. Lesser premium doesn’t generally mean the smartest strategy. In this manner, analyze charges as well as different factors and pick your engine protection wisely.

6. Cautiously select the Add-ons

Buying additional items for your four-wheeler isn’t compulsory. In the event that you wish to expand your insurance inclusion, you can purchase add-on covers under your engine protection contract. Be that as it may, any extra will expand the exceptional measure of your Tata AIG vehicle protection policy.

Thus, make a point to just choose the additional items which suit your requirements and drop any superfluous additional items to set aside on your premium.


Types of Car Insurance Policies by Tata AIG Car Insurance

Before knowing how to lessen Tata AIG vehicle insurance expense, let us initially comprehend the kinds of protection contracts this organization offers. Goodbye AIG General Insurance Company offers three significant four-wheeler insurance contracts. These are:

1. Tata AIG Private Car Package Policy

The Tata AIG Private Car Package strategy offers far reaching inclusion against outsider liabilities as well as harm to the protected vehicle emerging because of mishaps, robbery, catastrophic events and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Outsider liabilities cover outsider’s property harms, wounds or demise during a sad mishap brought about by the safeguarded vehicle. The far reaching insurance contract likewise offers an individual mishap front of Rs. 15 lakh.


2. Tata AIG Standalone Own Damage Private Car Policy

If the guaranteed vehicle experiences any misfortune or harms because of occasions like mishaps, fire, avalanches, riots, burglary, and so forth, the Tata AIG Standalone Own Damage strategy will cover its monetary ramifications. This arrangement doesn’t cover outsider liabilities and just applies to vehicles purchased after September 2018.

3. Goodbye AIG Liability Only Policy

The Tata AIG Standalone Liability Only approach offers outsider cover, which is the required cover for each vehicle proprietor in India. It offers assurance against outsider liabilities, for example, property harm, injury or demise of the outsider by the guaranteed vehicle. Notwithstanding, this arrangement doesn’t cover harms to the vehicle and its owner.

In expansion to the previously mentioned plans, Tata AIG General Insurance Company likewise offers a utilization based private vehicle insurance contract as well as obligatory individual mishap protection to its customers.



Choosing the right insurance contract can assist you in monetarily shielding your vehicle from lamentable occasions with preferring mishaps or robbery. Assuming you will buy four-wheeler insurance from Tata AIG General Insurance Company, you can take on the previously mentioned tips on the most proficient method to lessen Tata AIG vehicle protection installment and save yourself from paying over the top premiums.