Things to Know About First Notification of Loss in Car Insurance

When you buy a vehicle insurance contract, you anticipate that it should remunerate you at the hour of guarantee absent a lot of issue. Notwithstanding, for the case to find lasting success, you will be expected to venture out of illuminating the safety net provider when your vehicle meets with a mishap. This is the First Notification of Loss that you give to the insurance agency. Allow us to see more about FNOL in vehicle protection in the article.


What is First Notification of Loss (FNOL)?

The First Notification of Loss or FNOL is the underlying notification given to the guarantor by the policyholder when the safeguarded vehicle meets with a sad mishap. It tends to be considered as the primary expected advance to record a case under a vehicle protection policy.

Thus, in case of a complete misfortune, robbery, or harm to the safeguarded vehicle because of any unanticipated episode, the underlying suggestion to the safety net provider is named as the First Notification of Loss.


How to File a First Notification of Loss?

The strategy of recording a protection guarantee involves a few stages from the time an episode is accounted for to the hour of guarantee settlement.

The First Notification of Loss or FNOL is the initial step of this guarantee interaction. It happens when you illuminate the insurance agency about the misfortune or harm supported by the protected car.

In the instance of engine protection, a driver/proprietor illuminates the guarantor regarding the mishap including the safeguarded vehicle by calling their client care group, which is generally accessible 24*7.

Based on this FNOL, the insurance agency sends an assessor who analyzes the degree of harm supported by the guaranteed vehicle. In view of the assessor report, the insurance agency settles the engine protection claim.


Documents Required to File a FNOL

The First Notice of Loss incar protection requires no archive accordingly except for it expects you to give specific data to the insurance agency. This data includes:

  • Your vehicle insurance contract number
  • Date and season of the harm, misfortune, or theft
  • Location of the incident
  • Police FIR number
  • A individual record of the incident.
  • Details of the party at fault
  • Relevant subtleties of the safeguarded vehicle

In the instance of outsider liabilities, the subtleties of outsider harms ought to likewise be given to the protection company.

Inspection of Damages After FNOL

Once you have sent the First Notification of Loss to the insurance agency, it turns into their obligation to get the guaranteed vehicle fixed and settle the case at the earliest. In this manner, the requirement for assessing the vehicle harms becomes significant after the First Notice of Loss is put together by you.

Depending on the assessor’s examination report, the safety net provider will decide if the safeguarded vehicle has experienced a complete shortfall, burglary, or harms that can be fixed in a carport. Misfortunes can be unsalvageable, for example, misfortune because of burglary or a complete misfortune in the fire. In such cases, you will get the Insured Declared Value of the safeguarded vehicle.

On the other hand, misfortunes can likewise be repairable when the guaranteed vehicle supports harms because of a mishap or impact. Under a reparable misfortune, the insurance agency will pay for the fixes of the protected vehicle through credit only fixes or repayment guarantee settlement.

However, all of this is just conceivable after the First Notification of Loss is submitted to the protection company.


Importance of First Notice of Loss in Car Insurance

Everyone would need their vehicle protection guarantee to be settled absent a lot of exertion and at the earliest hour conceivable. In any case, for this to occur, a policyholder needs to suggest the safety net provider about the deficit or harm to the protected vehicle not long after the occurrence. Regardless of whether it is your most memorable case, you should try to properly illuminate the vehicle insurance agency about the mishap to the insurer.

Moreover, try to give exact data about the occurrence to the insurance agency. Any error might bring about the dismissal of your engine protection claim.


Thus, a policyholder ought to consider FNOL as a significant stage under the vehicle protection guarantee process.

For a vehicle insurance agency, the First Notification of Loss is a potential chance to acquire the trust of its policyholders. Assuming clients get a quicker guarantee settlement subsequent to telling about the misfortune to the guarantor regardless of whether it is their most memorable time making a case, it will make a positive effect on them. In addition, by giving a mechanized omnichannel answer for First Notice of Loss in vehicle protection, an engine insurance agency can furnish quicker guarantee settlement with a moment correspondence process.

Thus, the primary notice of misfortune is similarly significant for the two policyholders and insurers.



As expressed over, the First Notice of Loss is the underlying however basic advance in the vehicle protection guarantee process. According to a policyholder’s perspective, it is the chief advance to get their remuneration quick. Then again, for a vehicle insurance agency, FNOL is an amazing chance to work on the client’s trust and dependability in them. Henceforth, make a point to document the First Notice of Loss when your vehicle meets with adversity.