Price List of Car Insurance In India

If you are searching for astounding protection bargains for your vehicle, you have come to the perfect locations. There are numerous choices accessible in the market when you anticipate buying a vehicle insurance contract. Here we will be enlightening you regarding how you can pick the right protection plan that suits your prerequisites by contrasting various plans along and the variables that decide the protection costs in India.


Vehicle Insurance Price List

Third-Party insurance installment sum is fixed by the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) though the own Damage payment rates are fixed by concerned Insurance organizations. IRDAI fixed rates are dependent on future developments concerning the case sum and different other factors.

The vehicle insurance cost list incorporates each of the three, first-party installment, outsider payment and own damage.

The value rundown can fluctuate every year contingent upon both outsider and own harm charges. Despite the fact that the principal party is steady, the progressions in the other two plans might change the cost list out and out of the vehicle protection premium.


Price List for Third Party Insurance

The rates for this kind are fixed by IRDAI in light of GWP gathered and the cases for that year and the change exclusively relies upon the last choice from IRDAI.

The new cost list for outsider protection plans is as follows:

Private Cars

Existing Rates FY 2019-20 (INR)

Proposed Rates FY2020-21 (INR)

Less Than 1000cc



More than 1000cc however under 1500cc



More than 1500cc



The noticeable 5% change in the proposed outsider premium is a result of the case settlement proportion. In the event of any mishaps, the given cases are prosecuted and the good court grants the case sum contingent upon the acquiring and age of the person. Henceforth the most extreme measure of charge gathered by the insurance agency winds up in outsider settlements.


Price List for Own Damage insurance

The insurance agency choose the rates for the Own Damage charge and thus separate from organization to company.

The own-harm premium rates are determined based on Insured Declared Value, Zone of activity, and the cubic limit of the vehicle.

The expense value rundown of own harm in the vehicle protection  is referenced in the underneath table as referenced in the Indian Motor Tariff:

Zone A

Age of Car

Not Exceeding 1000cc

Exceeding 1000cc and Not Exceeding 1500cc

Exceeding 150

Not Exceeding 5 Years

2.039% on IDV

3.191% on IDV

3.343% on IDV

Exceeding 5 Years yet not Exceeding 10 Years

3.191% on IDV

3.351% on IDV

3.510% on IDV

Exceeding 10 Years

3.267% on IDV

3.430% on IDV

3.594% on IDV

Zone B

Age of Car

Not Exceeding 1000cc

Exceeding 1000cc and Not Exceeding 1500cc

Exceeding 150

Not Exceeding 5 Years

3.127% on IDV

3.283% on IDV

3.440% on IDV

Exceeding 5 Years however not Exceeding 10 Years

3.283% on IDV

3.447% on IDV

3.612% on IDV

Exceeding 10 Years

3.362% on IDV

3.529% on IDV

3.698% on IDV



The Calculation for Car Insurance Price

An insurance agency will work out your exceptional in view of your age, the age of the vehicle, home, kind of inclusion you need, and assuming that you have had a mishap over the most recent 5 years or not.

Car Insurance List Coverage

Car Insurance Coverage

Amount in INR


5 Lakh

Own harm for death and disability

3 Lakh

Third-party fire and theft

10 Lakh

Factors influencing the cost list

  • IDV (safeguarded proclaimed esteem) of the vehicle
  • Type and Age of the vehicle
  • Geographical zone
  • Age and orientation of the proprietor driver
  • Cubic limit of the engine
  • Fuel type
  • The calling of the owner
  • Voluntary deductible
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB)
  • Anti-burglary gadget installation

How to Reduce Car protection Premium?

If you are searching for good reasonable rates for your vehicle insurance installment here are a couple of tips that could end up being useful to you decrease the rates.

Insured Declared Value: Getting a vehicle insurance contract, the concerned organization ascertains the most noteworthy case esteem for example IDV. Notwithstanding, in return for the diminished expense of the top notch, you can get decreased IDV. Yet, remember that lesser IDV brings about lower repayment if and when a burglary or harm happens to the vehicle.

No Claim Bonus: This implies you get a rebate on your premium following a case free year of your strategy. This can likewise arrive at up to half following 3 case free years consecutivelyBut even a solitary case can return NCB once again to invalid. Thus try not to make claims for minor damages.

Additional Security Measures: If any sort of extra security gadget is introduced like an enemy of burglary caution or security vehicle cameras, it consequently decreases conceivable harm chances. Consequently, less responsibility of harm, lesser premium costs.

Increase Voluntary Deductibles: This choice essentially implies that a policyholder can deliberately pay a piece of the case sum while the insurance agency can pay the rest. Subsequently when a case is raised this sum is deducted. Higher the extent, the more decreased premium cost.


But Can a Cheaper Plan Be the Best?

It’s never vital that the least expensive premium would be the best fit for your vehicle. So while buying your protection plan, keep these elements in mind.

Customer support: There are various kinds of guarantors. Some give client care all day, every day except some might help just at explicit times.

Claim Settlement Ratio: The proportion between the level of cases settled by the back up plan by the complete number of cases in a monetary year. Thus generally check the guarantors’ case settlement ratio.

Add Ons: Add-ons are extra covers that increment the inclusion of a far reaching vehicle protection policy and own harm protection policy.

Ease of Buy/Renewal: Always check in the event that the course of procurement or restoration is simple, paperless and at your convenience.



It is constantly proposed by the insurance industry specialists to buy a vehicle insurance contract online so you can search for a few choices accessible on the web and afterward analyze them, ascertain the payment utilizing a web-based vehicle protection installment calculator and then buy the one that accommodates your necessity at the solace of your home.