Know About Outstation Emergency Cover in Car Insurance

Travelling outstation for a long end of the week is probably the best break from your day to day routine. The prospect of at last having some time off and continuing lengthy drives with loved ones is invigorating. In any case, things don’t generally go how you plan. You could confront undesirable circumstances while traveling to an obscure spot, like a fender bender. To get convenient crisis help with such circumstances, you can purchase an outstation crisis cover as an extra under your far reaching vehicle insurance contract.


How Outstation Emergency Cover in Car Insurance Works?

The outstation crisis cover is an extra cover that gives you crisis help when you meet with a street mishap or your vehicle breakdowns while traveling outstation. With the assistance of this cover, your guarantor will help you in acquiring vehicle fix administrations during a side of the road crisis according to the agreements of your vehicle insurance contract. They will likewise bear the crisis costs brought about on fixing your vehicle during an outstation trip. You should simply raise a case with your insurer.

Let’s figure out this better with the given situation. Mr. X went on a 4-roadtrip with his family outside the city. While driving, he met with a mishap and experienced minor wounds. However, the vehicle was harmed unfavorably. Thus, he illuminated his safety net provider and sent his vehicle for fixes. When he got his vehicle back, he raised a case against the outstation crisis cover, which he had purchased as an extra cover with his vehicle insurance contract. Ultimately, he got a repayment for the sum that he had spent on the maintenance of his car.

Since crisis help cover is an extra cover, it is just accessible under thorough vehicle protection designs and rejected under outsider vehicle protection. Besides, you really want to buy it by paying an extra premium while purchasing or recharging the policy.


Claim Process for Outstation Emergency Cover in Car Insurance 

The ventures for raising a case against the crisis help cover are as follows:

Step 1: Claim Intimation

You should illuminate your guarantor about the episode as quickly as time permits. Your client relationship director will direct you with the specific case process. Adhere to their instructions with the goal that you can undoubtedly document a case on time.

Step 2: Car Inspection

Your engine insurance agency will send a controller to evaluate the degree of harms supported by your vehicle. Answer every one of the inquiries posed to by the controller sincerely and help out him/her. 

Step 3: Documents Submission

There are a few records that you are expected to submit for guarantee settlement. Coming up next is the rundown of records  

  1. A properly filled guarantee form
  2. A composed application for raising a claim
  3. Copy of a FIR, if applicable
  4. Copy of your vehicle protection policy
  5. Copy of your driving license
  6. Any other supporting records as conveyed by your client relationship manager.

Step 4: Car Repair

Allow your vehicle to be fixed at a carport. When the vehicle has been fixed, cover the bill sum if there should be an occurrence of repayment guarantee and bring your vehicle back home. Present the maintenance bill and installment receipt to the insurer.

Once the documentation cycle is fruitful, your insurance agency will examine every one of the records and a case settlement will take place.

Special Conditions Applicable to Outstation Emergency Cover

Here are a few extraordinary circumstances under which the outstation crisis add-on cover will be compelling

  • This cover will be claimable on the off chance that the time expected to sort the vehicle out and fixed surpasses 12 hours.
  • The add-on cover is just material in the event that the crisis happens outside a sweep of 100 kilometers from your residence.
  • The claims made under the outstation crisis help cover don’t influence the No Claim Bonus (NCB) cycle.
  • The all out number of cases acceptable under this extra is restricted for an approach year and can be checked by going through the strategy documents. 

Types of Outstation Emergency Cover in Car Insurance

Your crisis help cover for travels ought to be viable and redone in view of your necessities. There are two kinds of crisis help cover that you can purchase under your exhaustive vehicle insurance contract. They are as per the following

  1. 1 Year Outstation Emergency Cover – This kind of crisis help cover is legitimate for a time of 1 year from the vehicle insurance contract initiation date.
  2. 3 Years Outstation Emergency Cover – This sort of crisis help cover is substantial for a very long time from the date of initiation of the vehicle protection policy.

Benefits of Outstation Emergency Cover in Car Insurance

The outstation crisis cover will assist you with saving a lot of cash assuming an unanticipated occurrence happens with your vehicle while driving external the city. Investigate the accompanying advantages of buying a crisis help cover with your thorough vehicle insurance contract

1. Financial Security


The outstation crisis cover offers monetary security if there should be an occurrence of a fender bender when you are in an obscure spot. You should simply reach out to your back up plan and satisfy the conventions of raising a case. Subsequent to getting the subtleties of the occurrence and the necessary records, your back up plan will repay the vehicle fix sum at the hour of guarantee settlement. 

2. Smooth Repair Process

In India, most engine insurance agency have a restrict with countless organization carports the nation over. An organization carport is a vehicle fix studio where you can benefit credit only fix office. Under this extra cover, you can take your vehicle for fix and raise a credit only case in any event, when you are away from your city.

3. Peace of Mind

Facing a crisis when you are in an obscure spot can be an alarming circumstance. It can get exceptionally stressful on the off chance that you have no clue about where you will track down a carport while driving outstation. This extra cover, subsequently, furnishes you with true serenity and permits you to partake in your excursion with less worries. 



Make your ends of the week exciting & invigorating and go on an excursion with your companions & family. Guarantee that you have great vehicle protection with fundamental additional items like an outstation crisis cover for a lighthearted drive and an agreeable trip.