List of Documents Required for Car Insurance Claim Process

As a vehicle proprietor, you should comply to all the traffic leads regardless of whether you are a thoroughly prepared driver as you might in all likelihood never know when you might engage in a street mishap. In such a case, > you should know how to raise a protection guarantee. Yet, the most common way of recording a protection guarantee will stay inadequate on the off chance that you don’t present every one of the necessary archives. In this article, we have talked about a rundown of required reports for the vehicle protection guarantee process.


Types of Claims Under Car Insurance

Under vehicle protection, there are three sorts of cases that you can record. They are as follows:

Third Party Claim

Third party claims are the ones that are raised to look for inclusion for outsider liabilities. Assuming your vehicle has made any harm outsider life or their vehicle, then, at that point, you should report it to your closest police headquarters and your insurance agency. On the off chance that you are a casualty, then, at that point, you should accept all the data about the vehicle that has made harm you as well as the contact subtleties of the vehicle proprietor. For this situation as well, you really want to hint your safety net provider and police about the accident.

Own Damage Claim

Own harm claims are raised when your own vehicle is harmed in a mishap. In such cases, try to illuminate the police and your safety net provider about the episode at the earliest opportunity. The guarantor will send an assessor to survey the harms to your vehicle. Up to that point, don’t move the vehicle from the mishap spot. In the event that you have settled on a credit only office at an organization carport, your guarantor will pay the maintenance cost to the carport straightforwardly. In the event that not, then, at that point, you should raise a repayment guarantee and present the records expected for the vehicle guarantee cycle to your insurer.


Theft Claim

Theft claims are raised assuming your protected vehicle gets taken, In such a circumstance, the primary thing that you ought to do is to illuminate the police, the RTO, and your back up plan about the robbery. Save all necessary archives for the case prepared to document a robbery guarantee. Additionally, present the keys to the lost vehicle to the guarantor if asked.

Process of Making a Car Insurance Claim

The interaction of guaranteeing vehicle protection includes various advances. Follow the underneath guide for raising a case against your vehicle insurance contract

1. Intimate Your Insurer

The initial step is to suggest your back up plan about the vehicle accident and furnish them with point by point data about the harms. Be transparent with your back up plan seeing subtleties of the occurrence as it will forestall any possibilities of guarantee rejection.


2. Register a FIR at Your Nearest Police Station

File a FIR (First Information Report) at your closest police headquarters, particularly in the event of robbery, mishap, outsider misfortune, or fire explosion. 

3. Take Pictures of the Damaged Car

Take clear photos of the harmed vehicle and the spot of the occurrence from all points. They will be useful to impart to your guarantor as evidence as they will help in the quicker settlement of claims.

4. Assessment & Evaluation

A assessor is alloted by your safety net provider to assess the harms to your vehicle. After the investigation, the assessor will send an evaluation report to the insurance agency in view of which your case will be settled.

5. Submit Required Documents to the Insurer

A rundown of reports is expected to be submitted for finishing the case interaction. It incorporates archives like the FIR, the driving permit of the driver, a duplicate of your insurance contract, vehicle registration endorsement, etc.

6. Get Your Car Repaired

Get your vehicle fixed at an organization carport of the back up plan or take it to a non-supported carport for fixes. On account of organization carport, you can bring your vehicle back home without covering the bill as it will be settled by your safety net provider. On account of a non-network carport, you should settle the bill after fix and record a repayment guarantee with your guarantor. When the case is supported, you will be repaid for your expenses.

Documents Required for Claim Process

The following reports ought to be submitted to raise a protection claim:

1. In Case of Accident Claims

To process a case in the event of a mishap, the safety net provider will require the accompanying archives

  • Filled guarantee structure alongside your signature
  • Tax receipts
  • Copy of your protection policy
  • Copy of your vehicle registration endorsement (RC)
  • Driving permit of the driver
  • Copy of the FIR.
  • An assessed bill of the vehicle’s maintenance cost.
  • Original fix bills and installment receipts
  • Vehicle investigation address, in the event that not done at a garage

2. In Case of Car Theft Claims

To process a case if there should be an occurrence of robbery of the guaranteed vehicle, the guarantor will require the accompanying archives

  • A duplicate of the insurance contract document
  • Theft announcement from the RTO
  • Police FIR copy
  • Letter of Subrogation
  • Tax installment receipts
  • Original vehicle registration book
  • Previous strategy subtleties like safety net provider organization name, term & season of insurance contract number, etc.
  • Items like booklets, guarantee cards, copy keys, etc.
  • Forms 28, 29, 30 and 35
  • Official implication to the RTO about robbery and stopping of the vehicle
  • Claim Discharge Voucher alongside signature over an income stamp

3. In Case of Third Party Claims

For raising outsider cases, the accompanying archives are required-

  • Duly filled and marked guarantee form
  • Copy of the Police FIR
  • Copy of Registration Certificate (RC) and Driver’s License (DL)
  • Stamp required for organization enrolled vehicle’s unique documents

Points to Remember While Raising a Car Insurance Claim

Below are a couple of focuses to remember while raising a vehicle protection guarantee

  1. Inform your back up plan and nearby police headquarters to raise a FIR inside 24 hrs of the mishap/mishap
  2. Ensure that you have every one of the reports expected for the vehicle protection guarantee process
  3. Check and assess what is happening for raising an effective claim
  4. Fulfil all the lawful administrative work if there should be an occurrence of a mishap or theft
  5. Try to exploit the credit only case office and get your vehicle fixed at an organization garage.


With the right vehicle insurance contract, you can raise a case for the harms caused to an outsider and supported by your vehicle easily. In any case, for that, ensure that you have every one of the archives expected for the vehicle guarantee process. Recall that your insurance agency will check every one of the subtleties connected with the incident prior to supporting your case and remunerate appropriately. Along these lines, take sufficient proof of the harms and help out the assessor to have a speedy and consistent experience.