Here’s What You Missed About the New Bharat Series Number Plate

The Government of India has as of late introduced a decades-in length change with the introduction of the new BH registration number plates, which will be sent off with impact from 15th September 2021. Since between state travel has been made extremely smooth because of the street infrastructure and bother free vehicle protection reestablishment, numerous Indians have these days begun cross-state travel with their vehicles. This article features how the issue of migration to one more state with a possessed vehicle has been tackled with the BH Number plate.


Existing Vehicle Registration Mandate in India for Inter-State Vehicles

As per the current regulation, when a vehicle is moved to another state, getting a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the state where the vehicle is enrolled is an unquestionable necessity. The vehicle proprietor additionally needs to apply in the parent state on a supportive of rata reason for the discount of street charge. This assessment is charged when one registers a vehicle for the entire enrolled life which is 15 years.

In case a vehicle migrates to another express, the parent state would discount the excess long stretches of street charge, the leftover time frame duty will be paid by the vehicle proprietor in the new state. The discount interaction from the parent state is extensive and tiring and furthermore fluctuates from state to state


New Vehicle Registration Mandate in India for Inter-State Vehicles

As examined, the current Section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 states that the proprietor of a vehicle would be expected to enroll their vehicle once more, assuming they crash into one more Indian state for over a year.  

Rule 47 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 has now been changed by the public authority of India. The new command expresses that the vehicles that have a BH number plate registration will presently not be expected to be re-enrolled assuming they are moved to another state for more than 12 months.


Why has the Government of India Introduced the BH number plate?

The Indian government has sent off Bharat (BH) series number plates to give alleviation to vehicle proprietors and assist them with diminishing the problem of transferring registration endorsements of vehicles on the off chance that the proprietor is moving to another state.  

Who All Are Eligible for the BH Number Plate?

The new BH series number plate has been introduced to private, central, guard, state, government PSUs, and confidential area organizations. In any case, for recently introduced BH series number plates, the confidential area needs to have workplaces in at least four states/UTs.

A government/PSU representative, state, or center is qualified. Nonetheless, with regards to the confidential area, a representative will be qualified for the BH number provided that they have workplaces in at least four states or association domains. The application cycle involves:

  • Filling up of Form 60 (Available on the Parivahan web portal)
  • Give substantial Employment ID/evidence online

The state specialists will then, at that point, confirm the submitted evidences and dole out them to the BH registration, where the registration number will be produced by a computer


How Can You Avail the BH Number Plate?

The new BH series number plate can be effortlessly benefited by enrolling your vehicle online without going through the norm and complex disconnected registration processes at RTOs.

How Will the Plate Be Generated?

There is no extension for inclination or mystery in getting the registration number for the BH series vehicle since they are created arbitrarily or haphazardly. The numbers will be written in dark variety on a white foundation and follow the means below:

  • The last two digits of the time of registration are to be referenced in the initial 2 letters
  • The next in the series is the two-digit Bharat Series Code is there (XX)
  • The two letters after that are “BH”
  • Then, any arbitrary four-digit number from 0001 to 9999
  • Then it is trailed by a couple of letters A, B, C… . until AA, AB… …AZ, BA, BB, … … . to ZZ.
  • Not both “I” or “O” can be a piece of the series, to keep away from disarray somewhere in the range of 1 and 0 with these letters

Applicable Taxes on the New BH Number Plate

There are some arrangement of assessments applied on the most recent number plate, which are recorded as follows:

1. Street tax: In vehicles where there is a state-wise registration number plate, the residents should pay the street charge for quite some time. For different vehicles which are enlisting under the Bharat (BH) series, street charge should be paid exclusively for quite some time. After the 2 years is finished, the vehicle proprietor is allowed to move to an alternate state and afterward they can pay the street charge according to the particular state’s policy.

2. Engine vehicle charge: Getting the number plate doesn’t give the vehicle proprietor the freedom to skip RTO or the registration charge/expense. However, the central government will surely gather the charges as per the matrix expressed below:

  • Electric engines or other electric vehicles will be charged 2% less
  • Diesel vehicles will be charged 2% higher
  • The contrast in the charges is additionally in formation to the a dangerous atmospheric devation drives taken by the government

The vehicle receipt cost likewise shifts on different variables which reason the duties as expressed below:

  • Below 10 lakh rupees: 8% engine vehicle expense of vehicle receipt price
  • Between 10-20 lakh: 10% engine vehicle expense of vehicle receipt price
  • Above 20 lakhs: 12% engine vehicle expense of vehicle receipt price

An extra charge of 2% is material on the diesel vehicles and reclamation of 2% on the Electric vehicles



From keeping substantial engine insurance to guaranteeing ideal vehicle protection recharging, claiming a vehicle generally requires specific lawful customs. However traveling to one more state in India never requires any such lawful essentials, traveling with your own vehicle has still generally required a few difficulties. Migration to one more state with a vehicle that is enlisted in another state has been a significant trouble for continuous travelers and occupation seekers.

With the introduction of the BH (Bharat) number plate series, the Government of India has without any help settled the enormous issue of movement with possessed vehicles starting with one state then onto the next. Not exclusively will migration be totally bother free for residents now, yet it will likewise not require any undesirable trouble out and about. Step by step, this excellent BH plate series will be accessible to all Indian residents making regular migration smoother.