Know About Car Insurance in DigiLocker

From vehicle protection archives to a substantial driving permit, the required rundown of records to be conveyed while driving isn’t short. With the introduction of DigiLocker, you currently are not any more expected to convey actual duplicates of engine protection. We should examine how even you can drive legitimately by helpfully conveying vehicle protection records carefully with DigiLocker.


What is DigiLocker

DigiLocker is a computerized stage that is a drive of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity). It has been created as a versatile application that permits residents of India to convey their recognizable proof and required vehicle-related archives in advanced structure. Residents can store any kind of records, for example, their driver’s permit, registration declaration, etc.

The application doesn’t store filtered duplicates of records, rather, an authority and government-endorsed design that can’t be downloaded and must be seen through the DigiLocker application. which is legitimate according to the law.


This makes the archives acceptable to government specialists and transport offices. Thus, with the DigiLocker application, vehicle proprietors can essentially drive their vehicles on Indian streets without conveying actual reports or keep different checked duplicates in their gadgets, which can be displayed as legitimate confirmation at whatever point required.

Store Car Insurance Documents in Digilocker

With the new revision to the Motor Vehicles Act, 2019passed by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) approving the authority utilization of the DigiLocker application, the Government of India has found a way an indispensable way to execute paperless administration. It is gainful for both – the decrease in administrational overheads of the public authority through limited utilization of paper as well as accommodation for the residents of India.


All vehicle protection companies are related with DigiLocker, and this permits simple capacity of advanced vehicle protection archives in the DigiLocker. The interaction to store the records is very simple as one can just download the application and sign in utilizing an Aadhaar check system.

Benefits of Carrying Digital Motor Insurance Documents

One of the greatest advantages of conveying advanced vehicle insurance documents is the accommodation of driving on streets without agonizing over the printed version. Corrections to the Motor Vehicles Act, 2019 have purchased about brutal punishments for traffic infringement and stricter disciplines. Henceforth, not having substantial reports can call for genuine results and traffic challans.

While we all try to stay as cautious as conceivable with regards to conveying every single compulsory archive, the chance of missing the actual duplicates is low however never zero.

This makes the introduction of the DigiLocker application a major advance towards working with accommodation for the residents, as they are allowed to introduce records carefully through this application. Pushing ahead, proprietor drivers can try not to be accused of fines which have seen a critical climb with the new alteration in the Motor Vehicles Act, 2019.


Hence, the DigiLocker has become extremely helpful as it permits you to convey your archives constantly with you and removes the gamble of getting found out by the traffic police for not keeping legitimate documentation while driving on the road.

Other Mandatory Documents that can be Digitally Carried in India

When it comes to driving on Indian streets, perhaps the greatest problem has forever been the burden of conveying numerous reports in actual structure. With DigiLocker, aside from putting away your engine protection reports, you can likewise convey the accompanying rundown of required records on your device:

  • Registration testament (RC):The most significant traffic record is the vehicle’s registration endorsement. Conveying a RC is required, and can be investigated whenever out and about as a legitimate RC shows that the vehicle is by and large lawfully driven.
  • Car Insurance documents: According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, each proprietor driver is expected to convey substantial engine protection. Not having one or conveying lapsed vehicle protection considers unlawful driving and can call for genuine consequences.
  • Pollution taken care of (PUC) certificate: With the ascent in contamination levels in India, the public authority is getting stricter with regards to the contamination transmitted by vehicles. A PUC certificate shows that the contamination/gases transmitted by the vehicle are taken care of and up to the principles set by the public authority. Not conveying a PUC declaration can likewise call for weighty fines. So ensure that you keep them convenient in a computerized format.
  • Driving permit: Needless to say, a driving permit is a basic archive. Driving vehicles without a legitimate permit is a strictly culpable offense and can call for lawful consequences.


The introduction of DigiLocker has been a phenomenal advance by the Government of India in working with the issuance and confirmation of reports in a more straightforward manner. Higher punishments and stricter disciplines being demanded by experts for traffic infringement are unquestionably a worry for everybody. Notwithstanding, DigiLocker is an extremely valuable method for driving legitimately via conveying every one of your records advantageously in your gadgets in an advanced format.

It is vital to take note of that this help is just valuable assuming you have substantial vehicle protection archives. Subsequently, it is vital to continuously convey legitimate engine protection and recharge it intermittently so you can drive lawfully and furthermore be covered from unexpected accidents.