Key Replacement Cover: All You Need to Know!

Do you realize that you can cover your vehicle keys under a vehicle insurance contract? Indeed, it’s true! Peruse on to know what Key Replacement Cover is and how you can profit it!


What is Key Replacement Cover?

Losing a key was not nothing to joke about a couple of years back. The extra vehicle keys used to assume a major part then. Be that as it may, with the progression in innovation, present day electronic keys (FOBs) are introduced, which are more costly to supplant when contrasted with the traditional ones. This certainly shows an impressive piece of cash based expenses.

What if your vehicle protection policy comes to your rescue?

Yes, insurance agency make up for the deficiency of keys under Key Replacement Cover. It is an extra protection cover, which can be benefited at an extra premium.


Importance of Key Replacement Add-on

A key substitution vehicle protection cover proves to be useful on the off chance that you lose your unique vehicle keys. The approach guarantees the repayment of the key substitution costs. Simply by paying an insignificant sum yearly, you can be safeguarded against costly vehicle keys substitution costs.

This cover can be purchased alongside the fundamental extensive vehicle protection. This approach comes right into it in the event that the vehicle key is lost, lost, harmed or taken. The approach likewise takes care of the maintenance expenses of lock-set on the off chance that it is harmed. In any case, a furthest breaking point is relevant according to the term and states of the protection company.


Key Replacement Car Insurance Cover: Features & Benefits

By asserting a key substitution cover, you can get those costs repaid, which are brought about for fixing or supplanting another vehicle key. This approach accompanies a few astounding elements and benefits:

  • Majorly, a key security strategy offers inclusion for substitution or taken keys. Likewise, it covers the maintenance or substitution costs of key lockset.
  • Since it tends to be profited as an extra, an extra premium is connected. Thus, it is prescribed to ask the back up plan the specific add up to be paid to benefit of this cover.
  • This strategy accompanies a maximum breaking point on how might time the approach can be guaranteed. In this way, you’ll must be exceptionally cautious about your vehicle keys. As the strategy will repay up to the reasonable number of times you can claim.
  • The guarantee process is very like the ordinary vehicle protection claim that begins from insinuating the back up plan to last settlement. 

Key Replacement Cover: Terms & Conditions

Key assurance vehicle protection cover is dependent upon specific agreements. Let us know:

  • A police FIR is expected to guarantee vehicle protection for key substitution. It is one of the significant case documents.
  • You ought to illuminate the insurance agency quickly as and when a case arises.
  • The supplanted vehicle key, lock or lockset ought to be of the equivalent nature.
  • The insurance agency considers swap just for harmed or broken vehicle keys. If there should arise an occurrence of robbery, the whole, lock, set of keys or lock will be changed.

Scope of Coverage under Car Key Replacement Add-on

Consider the underneath recorded things covered under vehicle protection with key substitution cover:

  • Lost Keys: It is awful to Lose vehicle keys. It can add to extra cash based costs. In such a case, key substitution cover proves to be useful where the insurance agency repays the brought about costs. The expense of purchasing new arrangement of keys from the display area is paid by the insurance agency up to the predefined limit.
  • Break-in of the CarThis strategy likewise covers endeavored theft where any harm to lock and keys will be covered. The costs caused for supplanting the lock & key will be remunerated by your protection company.
  • Coverage for Lock set: if there should arise an occurrence of a mishap the possibilities of the vehicle lockset getting harmed is high. In such a case, you can guarantee the protection requesting repayment of the brought about sum for fix or supplant the lockset.

Who Should Buy Key Replacement Car Insurance in India?

When anybody can purchase this cover according to the necessity, notwithstanding, this cover is generally suggested if:

  • You leave your vehicle in an open region, where the possibilities of burglary or endeavor to robbery are high. This will assist you with covering the maintenance or substitution costs on the off chance that the lockset or key is taken/damaged.
  • Replacing or fixing a vehicle key will be costly assuming you own a top of the line vehicle. Indeed, even the costs will be at the higher side if there should arise an occurrence of mid-range vehicles. Key insurance cover proves to be useful here by covering the substitution amount.
  • Anyone with a vehicle where the lock is being worked with a remote key or on the other hand on the off chance that the vehicle is with trend setting innovation ought to consider purchasing this cover.

Key Replacement Cover Premium

As it is an extra cover, the top notch asked by the insurance agency is negligible. It could go somewhere close to 5%-8% of the all out vehicle insurance payment. Nonetheless, contingent upon the model of the vehicle or the insurance supplier, key substitution vehicle protection payments may vary.

Key Replacement Cover: How to Claim?

A guarantee might emerge if you misfortune or lose your vehicle keys. The case interaction is without bother assuming that appropriate case steps are followed. Here you go:

  • Inform the insurance agency. Register your case by considering them or composing an email.
  • In instance of burglary, a Police FIR is important to enlist the claim.
  • You can get your vehicle keys supplanted or fixed. Presently, raise a case requesting compensation.
  • Submit the case structure alongside the necessary reports. The insurance agency will check something very similar and settle it by repaying the expenses.
  • In instance of a credit only case, the settlement is done straightforwardly with the carport by the protection company.


Gone are the days when affordable ways were being utilized to get an answer for lost vehicle keys. Tragically, these are of no utilization assuming that you own a mid or high-range vehicle with a high level model. Thus, it is insightful to choose a key substitution cover, alongside the essential vehicle protection policy.