Is Your New Car Safe from Getting Stolen?

Driving out of the display area, you have a wide grin all over. The pleased sensation of at long last purchasing the vehicle of your fantasies is mind-blowing. You drive the vehicle circumspectly and care for her something like a valuable gem. However, at some point, you wake to find the vehicle missing. *Bam* You have turned into a casualty of vehicle burglary.


Prevalence of Car Theft in India

Auto robbery is a miserable reality in India. The quantity of vehicles on street is expanding consistently as is the quantity of vehicle thefts. Whether you own a cutting edge SUV, a car, a hatchback or an extravagance vehicle, it is at the gamble of getting taken. Similarly, your vehicle can get taken regardless of whether it was bought 10 years back or was only seven days old.

The circumstance is especially troubling in metropolitan urban areas, which gloats of the most extreme number of vehicle burglaries in the country. India’s capital city of New Delhi observes the most extreme number of vehicles burglaries in India. In truth, Delhi is famously called the ‘Auto Theft Capital’ of India.

Let’s discussion numbers.

As per the data delivered by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in 2019, a vehicle is taken like clockwork in Delhi, at regular intervals in Bangalore and at regular intervals in Mumbai. In the event that you go by the data given by Delhi Police, around 35,019 vehicles have been taken in Delhi in 2020 alone.

Even during the COVID-19 lockdown period between 15-30 March 2020, when police presence was extremely high on the streets, auto hoodlums figured out how to take around 1,243 vehicles with 83 alone in Delhi.


You should be considering how could they pull that off.

Well! Specialists accept that taking a vehicle is preferably a simple undertaking for auto cheats over a hazardous one. The wrongdoing for the most part happens in confined regions or around evening time where the possibilities of an intercession by the vehicle proprietor or the police are close to nothing. Not to neglect, taking a vehicle implies more cash than taking a wallet or a versatile phone.

When it comes to the vehicles being taken, recently bought vehicles are similarly in danger as old cars.

Ever asked why? How about we find out.

Why is Auto Theft Common in New Cars?

The auto industry has developed tremendously over the most recent couple of years. Carmakers have introduced current vehicles with state of the art innovation in execution and highlights as well as hostile to burglary vehicle gadgets. With the sort of innovation utilized in vehicles nowadays, you would barely anticipate that your fresh out of the box new vehicle should get taken. As a matter of fact, you could believe it’s impossible.

But haven’t you heard? ‘Incomprehensible itself says I M POSSIBLE’.


Contrary to your convictions, new vehicles are a lot simpler to take than old vehicles. Very much like the vehicles are getting overhauled, the auto hoodlums have been upgrading their insight. They are continually familiarizing themselves with the most recent vehicle insurance innovation. In spite of the endeavors of carmakers to develop better immobilizers, the auto cheats keep breaking the code.

The cutting edge enemy of burglary vehicle gadgets should be the response to how to get your vehicle from robbery. Be that as it may, a similar innovation has made it simpler for auto hoodlums to take a vehicle assuming they have the right gear and knowledge.

While prior it used to require around over two minutes for an accomplished cheat to crush the window of a vehicle, break the controlling lock and take the vehicle, a cutting edge vehicle can now be taken in under 10 seconds without breaking anything. Allow us to tell you how.

Most of the vehicles today accompany keyless entry, and that implies it includes programming and innovation. With the assistance of electronic gadgets accessible effectively in the underground market, auto criminals can transmit the electronic sign radiated by your key to open the vehicle to their repeater gadget. All they need is to be inside a specific distance while you are utilizing your key and the sign will be transmitted. As an outcome, they will actually want to drive away with your vehicle without making any commotions as though they had a key to it.

Besides, SUVs are a success among auto hoodlums, on account of their ubiquity and request. Over the most recent couple of years, more quantities of sports utility vehicles are being taken. Minimal SUVs are likewise progressively being taken as they can be sold for both private and business use.

Are you considering how to forestall vehicle robbery at home or openly puts? Let us help!

Car Insurance – Your Car Theft Saviour

First and principal, you really want to purchase exhaustive vehicle protection for your four-wheeler. By covering your vehicle under vehicle protection with own harms cover, your vehicle will be monetarily safeguarded against vehicle robbery. It will guarantee that your engine insurance agency will repay you for the monetary misfortunes that you might bring about on the off chance that your vehicle gets stolen.

But simply any vehicle protection will not do.


The significant thing is to cover your vehicle under vehicle protection with own harms cover. Own harms cover pays for the deficiency of your vehicle because of vehicle burglary, which isn’t accessible under a fundamental outsider vehicle protection policy.

Chances are that you might host fundamental third get-together vehicle insurance as it is required according to India’s Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Yet, assuming that you need inclusion against vehicle robbery, you really want to either purchase complete vehicle protection or own harms vehicle protection notwithstanding your outsider vehicle protection policy.

Buying vehicle insurance is a prudent step against vehicle robbery. However, there are alternate ways of forestalling vehicle robbery. Peruse on to know how to keep vehicle from being stolen.

7 Ways to Prevent Car Theft


Let’s look at seven basic and compelling tips on the most proficient method to forestall vehicle robbery home and in broad daylight places below:

  1. Always Lock Your Car-You don’t live in that frame of mind with no wrongdoing. Thus, locking your vehicle is a should regardless of whether you are venturing out for one moment. Indeed, even while driving, your vehicle entryways should be locked to keep away from anybody from powerfully getting into your vehicle during a red light.
  2. Park Your Car in a Secure and Well-Lit Area – Always leave your vehicle in a CCTV got and sufficiently bright region to make the burglary of your vehicle troublesome. Auto criminals sneak in dull and isolated regions and the possibilities of your vehicle getting taken are more in such areas.
  3. Check the Locks Before Leaving – At times, you might neglect to lock your vehicle. It is generally a beneficial routine to check your vehicle’s entryway after you get out of the vehicle to guarantee that they are without a doubt locked. Additionally cross-check that the boot of your vehicle is locked, the sunroof is shut and every one of the windows are rolled up.
  4. Never Leave Valuables in the Car – Leaving assets in the vehicle is a major no. A great deal of auto burglaries happen in light of the fact that vehicle proprietors leave important things in the vehicle, like PCs, tote, and so forth. Significant things in a vehicle are to criminals as honey is to honey bees. Along these lines, try to convey every one of your resources with you when you leave your car.
  5. Install the Best Anti-Theft Car Lock – Prevention is in every case better compared to fix. Also, introducing the best enemy of robbery vehicle secure in your vehicle is your smartest option to forestall vehicle burglary. Insect robbery vehicle gadgets, for example, run cam, insect burglary caution framework, electronic immobilizer, directing wheel lock, and so forth make it challenging for criminals to take a vehicle. Moreover, against burglary vehicle locks can likewise assist you with procuring a markdown on your vehicle protection premium.
  6. Get Your Car Number Etched on the Windows – Nobody prefers extra costs, including vehicle looters. Assuming your vehicle registration number is scratched on the glass of all your vehicle windows, vehicle burglars should get every one of them supplanted on the off chance that they take your vehicle. This wouldn’t just be more costly for them yet in addition a greater problem. Subsequently, they would try not to take such a car.
  7. Don’t Leave Your Car Documents in the Vehicle – Do not leave your vehicle records in the vehicle. This makes it simpler for burglars to get away from the police assuming your taken vehicle is come by them. They will actually want to show the reports currently present in the vehicle and move away easily.


Car robbery is a significant threat in India, particularly in metropolitan urban communities. You would anticipate that your pristine current vehicle should be insusceptible to auto robbery yet they are simpler to take in genuine. Despite the fact that vehicle protection might not be able to safeguard your vehicle against auto robbery, it can surely save you from bringing about a monetary misfortune. Simply recollect the tips on the most proficient method to forestall vehicle robbery at home and openly places and you will be great to go.