If Your Friend Crashes Your Car, What Happens to Your Car Insurance?

You contribute a major lump of your reserve funds in buying a vehicle. It takes a ton of reasoning and exploration when you choose to buy a vehicle. Contingent upon your advantage, you go through various vehicles as per your spending plan and need. When you spot the one that suits your spending plan and need, you make the buy. Alongside it, you need to buy an outsider risk vehicle insurance contract that is compulsory according to the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.


The outsider obligation protection just gives cover to the harm or loss of outsider and it is prescribed to buy the thorough arrangement that gives a general inclusion to the policyholder. In any case, there is disarray connected with the inclusion among the policyholders. Imagine a scenario where a companion of the policyholder is driving the vehicle and meets a mishap coming about in damage?

Does the insurance agency give cover if another person other than you is driving the car?


Who Is Covered?

Well, it very well may be confounding that who else other than you is covered under the vehicle protection plan while driving your vehicle. Albeit the inclusion and advantages of an insurance contract can fluctuate from one back up plan to another.

However, you buy a vehicle for your usage as well as your family’s nevertheless there are times when a cherished companion of yours would request that you loan your vehicle to him. That is where you hang on briefly and suppose in the event that he could crash your vehicle some place, there will be an undesirable monetary weight on you, so assuming you ought to loan your vehicle to that companion of yours or not.


But as a thumb rule, each individual who drives your vehicle will be given cover by your insurance agency. The insurance agency will solely specify somebody who is rejected from the inclusion and that specific individual won’t be given inclusion in the event of a mishap while driving your car.

Hence, you can loan your vehicle to your loved ones. This situation is named “Tolerant Use”. Tolerant use implies when you let some other individual drive your vehicle and the insurance agency will cover them also. Certain variables will affect the inclusion standards. So let us inform you regarding that also.

Factors That Can Affect Coverage Norms

Whether you host third-get-together obligation insurance or a far reaching insurance contract, assuming you have given your vehicle to some other individual for tolerant utilize then the insurance agency will cover it.

But there are sure factors that could influence the inclusion standards and they are as follows:

  • The individual you loan your vehicle to should be inside as far as possible as referenced in the protection policy.
  • Before loaning your vehicle to any other person, ensure that they have a legitimate driving permit. In the event that they don’t have a legitimate permit, then, at that point, the insurance agency may not give cover.
  • Also, If the individual doesn’t have a legitimate permit then he/she isn’t qualified to drive any vehicle. Driving without a substantial permit is a culpable offense under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.
  • Make sure that the individual isn’t affected by liquor or medications. This could expand the possibilities of a mishap and you won’t be given cover to any harm or loss.
  • Driving affected by liquor or medications is a culpable offense under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

How Will The Damage Be Covered?

Purchasing a vehicle insurance contract is a brilliant method for avoiding any unanticipated episode bringing about a monetary weight. It is on the grounds that the insurance agency gives monetary guide if there should be an occurrence of a mishap bringing about harm of your vehicle and, surprisingly, substantial injury that the driver or outsider could incur.

But in the event that you have given your vehicle to some other individual for tolerant utilize then how might your insurance agency will give cover to any sort of harm or substantial injury?

The insurance agency will give inclusion to the policyholder under the underneath referenced circumstances.

  • If you have loaned your vehicle to any other person and they meet a mishap that brought about minor harm then generally speaking assuming the circumstances are met, the insurance agency will give cover to it. The organization will cover you, the driver as well as the car.
  • The insurance agency won’t give cover on the off chance that any other individual drives your vehicle without your permission.
  • If your companion or relative crashes your vehicle that brought about substantial injury to individuals in the vehicle and makes genuine harm the vehicle then your back up plan will just give cover to the harm caused to the property by your vehicle. The organization won’t give cover to outsider injuries.
  • The Diver to blame cover will just give cover to the substantial injury to the driver and others sitting in the car.

So assuming you have loaned your vehicle to some other relative or companion of yours, your vehicle insurance contract will give cover as per the terms and conditions.



It is absolutely your decision to loan your vehicle to any other individual however It would be insightful assuming you made sure that the individual you are loaning your vehicle has a legitimate driving permit and ensure that he/she wouldn’t drive the vehicle affected by liquor or medications. You can buy the vehicle insurance contract online where you can find out about each and every data connected with your contract. You can likewise contact your protection supplier’s client care chief to find out pretty much every one of these things.