How to Transfer Old Car’s Registration Number to New One?

A vehicle is one of the valued assets of an individual. Everybody has an alternate desire for vehicles. You buy a vehicle according to your necessity and spending plan. The vehicle mirrors your way of life as well as your character. In any case, to make it more remarkable than different vehicles, individuals buy customized registration numbers for their vehicles. This makes them stand apart from the group. Yet, with regards to shielding your resource from getting into a monetary responsibility, buying the best vehicle protection is a must.


Once you have driven a vehicle for quite a while and choose to change the vehicle however you need to keep the registration number and use it on your new vehicle, you should do the needful. There is an interaction that you need to go through to do transfer your old vehicle’s registration number to your new one.

When Do You Need to Retain Your Old Car’s Number?

The number of a vehicle matters to numerous vehicle proprietors. Some get their vehicle’s number gave only for having a registration declaration and recognize their vehicles however a buy numbers to stand apart of the ordinary ones and some additionally think about a portion of the numbers fortunate for them.


For occurrence, Rohit has a vehicle and he has a propensity for changing his vehicle each 2-3 years. His vehicle’s registration number is 7843 and he thinks about this as his fortunate number in light of a conviction that he is so monetarily stable that he can figure out how to change his old vehicle with another one each 2-3 years. This is the conviction of Rohit that makes him put similar number to his each new car.

It isn’t just about considering a number fortunate yet individuals have various types of convictions and this is one of them. So how might you get it done to transfer your old vehicle’s number to your new car?


How to Transfer Old Car’s Number to New One?

First of all, keeping a vehicle accompanies a ton of obligation. When you buy a vehicle you become capable towards society, the climate and be ready for the unanticipated occurrences that show up with it. To be a capable resident and save the climate, the contamination taken care of testament is an unquestionable requirement and to keep your vehicle covered from the unanticipated monetary misfortunes then an engine protection policy is a must.

But once your machine goes downhill and starts performing gravely then you realize the time has come to transform it. In the event that your vehicle’s number makes a difference to you and you need to utilize it on your new vehicle then you ought to know a couple of things and become qualified to play out this action.

What you want to know Is that an apportioned enrolled vehicle number can’t be alloted to some other vehicle regardless of whether it has been dropped. On the off chance that the enrolled vehicle number has been possessed by similar individual for over 3 years then he/she can get a similar number transferred to their new car.

There is a web-based process that you can go through to port your old number plate to your new vehicle. See the means beneath to follow it:

  • Visit the transport office and enter the required details
  • You should put your current enlisted number
  • Then you should pay the expense online
  • A slip will be created by the framework with your registration number on it
  • Then you should present the slip to the vehicle seller from where you have bought the new car
  • They will enter the registration number into their web-based framework and afterward the new vehicle will be enlisted under the equivalent number
  • The vehicle/number proprietor needs to go to the Motor License Officer’s office
  • Then on your visit to the workplace they will take the getting of the new number for the old vehicle

The vehicle/number proprietor can play out this activity numerous times.

Categories of Car Numbers

The transport division has made 4 classes of vehicle registration numbers. One of them is the VIP number with specific numbers like 0001, ,0011, 0022, and so on. Different classifications can be picked according to the vehicle proprietors’ necessities and pick their unique number.


For model, For an enrolled number 0001, you should spend around Rs. 50,000 or you can pay10% of the base hold cost when it goes available to be purchased. Though for the registration numbers 0002 to 0009 you should pay around Rs. 30,000 or 10% of the base sale value that is Rs. 3. Lakh. In any case, you should pay around Rs. 25,000 for other number plates of your desire.



There is an expressing, “Time to move on to better things”. With the cutting edge innovation coming out each year the engine organizations concoct another vehicle with advance and shrewd insides and with time each vehicle goes downhill and afterward one day comes that you need to sell it out and buy another vehicle yet if you have any desire to hold your old vehicle’s registration number and use it on your new one then you can make it happen. Likewise, remember to keep the enhanced one guaranteed with the best vehicle protection as well as look at vehicle protection online while buying it online.