How to Prevent Reliance Car Insurance Claim Rejection?

No one could at any point need to get their vehicle protection claims dismissed. Be that as it may, here and there, we will more often than not pass up specific arrangement conditions and wind up losing our protection guarantee. Assuming you have bought a Reliance engine insurance contract for your vehicle and don’t believe your case should get dismissed, look at the manners in which that you can embrace to forestall guarantee dismissal by the insurance agency.


How to Prevent Rejection of Reliance Car Insurance Claim?

Getting your case dismissed by the guarantor isn’t just disturbing however can likewise bring about weighty costs from your pocket if there should be an occurrence of harm fixes. Here are a few different ways that can assist you with forestalling Reliance vehicle protection guarantee rejection:

Notify Your Insurer Within the Stipulated Time

One of the greatest errors that a policyholder makes isn’t advising the Reliance General Insurance Company about the occurrence inside the specified time. You ought to suggest the guarantor in somewhere around 48 hours of the event of the mishap. Assuming that you defer it further, your case might get dismissed by the protection company.


Moreover, you should try not to drive after a mishap as it might prompt further harms to your vehicle, giving your insurance agency one more motivation to dismiss your protection claim.

Declare Car Modifications

When you purchase a vehicle insurance contract, your safety net provider investigates your vehicle and afterward chooses the charge of the contract. Be that as it may, assuming you intend to adjust your vehicle during the arrangement residency, you really want to illuminate about something similar to your guarantor before such alterations. This is on the grounds that specific alterations can influence the expense of your insurance contract. For instance, getting nitrous oxide fitted in your vehicle can speed up, along these lines, prompting expanded possibilities of an accident.


Therefore, you should illuminate Reliance General Insurance Company about such alterations so they can be remembered for your current approach for an extra expense. In the event that, you neglect or don’t pronounce the alterations purposefully, your case can be dismissed by the protection company.

Avoid Exaggerated Claims

Making fake cases isn’t just unlawful yet can likewise bring about protection guarantee dismissal. Try not to make misrepresented claims, invalid explanations, or giving unimportant data at the hour of the case registration. Assuming you do as such, you might wind up confronting legitimate outcomes, protection guarantee dismissal and paying an extra sum for extortion examination. Along these lines, to forestall Reliance General vehicle protection guarantee dismissal, try not to make fake claims.

Renew Your Policy on Time

If your Reliance four-wheeler strategy has terminated you actually guarantee for a mishap without restoring it, the insurance agency will dismiss your case on the grounds of an inert approach. This is on the grounds that it is compulsory to have a legitimate insurance contract for your vehicle at the hour of the case application.

Moreover, assuming that you are gotten with a terminated/passed approach by the traffic police, you might need to pay weighty traffic fine. Subsequently, to stay away from guarantee dismissal, try to restore your insurance contract before the expiry date.

Carry a Valid Driving License


An invalid driving permit can’t bring about protection guarantee dismissal yet in addition in a traffic fine assuming got by the traffic police. On the off chance that you are driving with an invalid driving permit and your vehicle supports harms because of a sad occasion, for example, a street mishap, your insurance agency will dismiss your case because of an invalid driving permit. In this way, make a point to convey a substantial driving permit while driving your vehicle.

Do Not Breach the Policy Terms

When you purchase or restore a Reliance engine insurance contract for your vehicle, you need to illuminate your guarantor about the utilization and reason for your vehicle. Assuming you have safeguarded the vehicle for individual use and at the hour of guarantee examination, it is observed that you were involving it for business purposes, then the safety net provider will dismiss your case on the grounds of a break in strategy conditions. This is on the grounds that any break in the arrangement’s agreements can bring about the dismissal of a protection claim.

Avoid Drunk Driving


If you had drunk liquor prior to driving and your vehicle meets with a mishap, then, at that point, the Reliance General Insurance Company will dismiss the case raised to cover the harms brought about by your vehicle. In addition, plastered driving is unlawful under the engine laws of India. You might need to pay a fine of Rs 10,000 whenever found driving affected by liquor or some other intoxicants. In this way, make a point to not drink and drive.

Transfer Ownership

When you buy a trade-in vehicle and don’t transfer vehicle protection to your name, you will not have the option to raise a case. The proprietor of the vehicle and the insurance contract ought to be a similar individual. Assuming you register a case while the arrangement is still for the sake of the previous proprietor, then, at that point, your insurance agency will dismiss your claim.

Therefore, make a point to legitimately transfer the vehicle protection and registration declaration of the recycled vehicle to your name when you buy it.



Claiming your Reliance vehicle protection  may appear to be a troublesome interaction. Be that as it may, assuming you follow the previously mentioned tips, you can keep your case from being dismissed. Also, prior to purchasing four-wheeler insurance, try to appropriately peruse every one of the agreements of the contract. Likewise, abstain from completing any criminal behavior including your vehicle in the event that you don’t believe your safety net provider should dismiss your claims.