How to Find Car Insurance Details by Registration Number?

As a vehicle proprietor, it is compulsory to have a vehicle insurance contract under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. At times, you might confront circumstances when you really want vehicle protection subtleties yet don’t approach protection papers. In such circumstances, you can without much of a stretch find vehicle insurance contract subtleties with the assistance of a vehicle registration number. We should peruse the article to find out about it.


What is a Car Registration Number?

A vehicle registration number is a novel number gave to a vehicle by the RTO of your district. At the point when you purchase a vehicle, it is required to enlist it in something like 30 days from the date of purchasing at the closest RTO. Then, the separate RTO will apportion a novel number to the vehicle that will turn into its identity.

A vehicle registration number is a 10-digit number. In this number, the initial two digits suggest the state from where the vehicle is enlisted, the following two digits mean the district code, and the excess four digits are the extraordinary distinguishing proof number. On the off chance that an exceptional number isn’t accessible, then at least one letters are added before it to make it unique.

Let’s say on the off chance that the vehicle registration number is UK 04 AA 9596, UK represents Uttarakhand, 04 alludes to the district of the state to which the vehicle has a place with for example Nainital, and 9596 is the special ID number of the vehicle. AA is the extra letters added to make the number 9596 unique.


You are expected to have a registration number to purchase vehicle insurance contract. Whenever you have bought it, a vehicle insurance contract number is given by the insurer.

Importance of a Car Insurance Policy Number

Below are a portion of the justifications for why a vehicle insurance contract number is of extreme importance:

  • For Raising Claims – An guarantor will request a vehicle insurance contract number when you are raising a case. In any event, when you need to record a FIR on account of a mishap or robbery guarantee, the police could want the insurance contract number.
  • At the Time of Contract Renewal – For the recharging of vehicle insurance contract, you will needthe contract number. You will likewise require this number for transferring the current NCB to the new policy.
  • For Verification of Car Details – When the traffic police stop your vehicle during arbitrary checks and request to see your vehicle insurance contract, then you can either show your contract record or offer your contract number for them to cross-check its validity.
  • To Apply for Duplicate Car Insurance Contract Documents -If you have lost the first duplicate of your engine insurance contract, you can apply for a copy one with the assistance of the contract number.

Ways to Find Car Insurance Details by Registration Number

If you have failed to remember the vehicle insurance contract number or lost your contract record, then you can undoubtedly find vehicle protection subtleties by registration number. Your vehicle insurance contract is connected with the vehicle registration number and consequently, you can check protection subtleties with its assistance. Here are a portion of the ways of finding vehicle protection subtleties by registration number-

Online Mode 

Use the accompanying strategies to find vehicle insurance contract number online with the assistance of its registration number-


Check Car Insurance Policy Details Via IIB

IRDAI has sent off the protection data store known as the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB). You can get to the authority site of IIB to check vehicle protection subtleties by registration number. Here are a portion of the means that you really want to follow-

  1. Visit the authority site of IIB
  2. Click on ‘V-Seva’ under ‘Speedy Links’ and you will be diverted to the ‘Mishap Vehicle Information Retrieval System’
  3. Fill in the name and address of the vehicle owner
  4. Enter the registration number of the car
  5. Fill in the portable no. also, the enrolled email id of the vehicle owner
  6. Add the spot and date of the mishap (if needed)
  7. Click on the ‘Submit’ button
  8. You will actually want to retrieve all the data connected with your car.

Check Car Insurance Policy Details Via VAHAN

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways additionally holds the subtleties of an engine insurance contract. You should simply enter your vehicle registration number to gain admittance to vehicle insurance contract data. Follow the beneath steps to get to the protection subtleties of the vehicle by registration number from the VAHAN entryway

  1. Visit the authority site of VAHAN e-benefits and go to the tab ‘Know Your Vehicle Details’
  2. Enter a portable number to sign into a record or make an account
  3. Fill in the subtleties like the registration number of the vehicle and enter the confirmation code
  4. Click on the ‘Search Vehicle’ choice and all subtleties connected with the vehicle insurance contract will show up on screen


Check Car Insurance Policy Via Car Insurer’s Website

By visiting the authority site of the safety net provider, you can check the vehicle insurance contract number. You simply have to sign in to your record to get to every one of the subtleties of your vehicle protection policy.

Offline Mode

There are two strategies for getting to vehicle insurance contract data disconnected. It is possible that you can call the insurance agency or visit the particular RTO office to benefit the information.



Car protection is crucial for keep vehicles monetarily safeguarded and maintain the law. This makes it critical to reestablish vehicle insurance contract on time. Assuming that you wish to realize the arrangement end date and don’t have strategy subtleties, you can utilize the vehicle registration number to get vehicle protection details.