How to Buy a Car Insurance Policy Without Paying a Commission?

While purchasing a vehicle insurance contract, an intermediary or a specialist assists you with tracking down the right contract at the most reasonable cost. For this, the specialist is paid a commission by the back up plan for each deal, which is remembered for your premium. Be that as it may, you can undoubtedly purchase vehicle protection without commission. Above all, we should know the ways of purchasing four wheeler protection in India.


Ways to Buy a Car Insurance Policy in India

In India, you can purchase a vehicle insurance contract through a few modes-

    1. Through Insurance Companies

      One of the least demanding ways of purchasing protection for your vehicle is through an engine insurance agency. Everything vehicle proprietors can purchase four wheeler insurance by reaching out to the organization from whom they wish to buy a contract. You can either visit the closest part of the insurance agency or contact the client care group via telephone. You should top off the proposition structure and submit it to the part of the back up plan to purchase vehicle insurance.

    2. Through Insurance Agents

      Insurance specialists are individuals who sell strategies in the interest of vehicle insurance agency. Specialists can be additionally arranged into two kinds

      1. Hostage Agents- A hostage specialist is a person who sells the strategies of only one back up plan. The specialist works straightforwardly under the protection supplier and is liable for getting business for a particular insurance agency. They additionally handle all inquiries and inquiries posed to by the clients and work as a client assistance supplier for the insurer.

      2. Free Agents- As the name recommends, they are autonomous specialists that sell insurance contracts for various organizations. They are allowed to sell a wide range of approaches for any insurance agency and are answerable for settling various issues of clients for protection companies.

  1. Through Car Dealers

    When you buy a vehicle from an approved vendor, you get the choice of purchasing an insurance contract from them. Generally, they are in organizations with several insurance agency and you probably won’t get a reasonable arrangement along these lines. Subsequently, you should check and research a long time prior to making an arrangement with them to purchase a vehicle protection policy.

    The vendors likewise have year-end advancements or happy deal offers in which they group protection with the vehicle value itself. In this way, assuming that you are purchasing a vehicle during any sort of offer, you should go through the agreements referenced in the archives and check the premium.

  2. Buying Car Insurance Online

    Buying vehicle protection online means picking truly outstanding and most helpful ways of getting inclusion for your vehicle. Here you will get numerous advantages like premium limits, a problem free arrangement reestablishment process, no specialist commission, and superb client support. The most outstanding aspect of internet purchasing is that you need to run behind no specialist, vehicle vendor or insurance agency to get the best deal.

    All you want to do is visit sites offering vehicle protection on the web and look at different plans according to your inclinations to purchase the best arrangement. In addition, sites like provide you with the advantage of looking at various insurance contracts presented by various guarantors in one place.


How Can You Buy Car Insurance Without Paying a Commission?

There are two methods for purchasing vehicle protection without paying a commission. They are:

  • Directly through the Insurance Company – When you purchase vehicle protection straightforwardly from the insurance agency, you don’t need to pay a commission. This is on the grounds that there are no specialists engaged with the interaction as you straightforwardly manage the insurance agency. Thus, you pay an exceptional less the specialist’s commission.
  • Through Online Mode – Another method for purchasing four wheeler insurance without paying a commission is by purchasing the contract on the web. You can do as such on the guarantor’s site or intermediary sites like Insurance agency save money on functional expenses when they sell strategies on the web. In addition, the internet based process likewise includes no specialists. Henceforth, you pay a lower premium on web-based approach purchases. 

Why Should You Prefer Buying a Car Insurance Policy Online?

There are different advantages related with purchasing a vehicle insurance contract on the web. Investigate them beneath

  1. Hassle-free – When you purchase a strategy through a specialist or vehicle seller, you need to call them or actually visit them. However, when you purchase a vehicle insurance contract on the web, you don’t need to hang tight for an arrangement and can make the buy whenever anywhere.
  2. Gets You the Best Deal – When you purchase vehicle insurance on the web, you get a choice to think about various contracts together and pick as per your spending plan and needs. By contrasting various arrangements, you get the best deal.
  3. More Convenient – Buying a web-based vehicle insurance contract implies accommodation. You can get it whenever sitting in the solace of your home. You can’t partake in this help in the event of purchasing through a specialist or vehicle dealer.
  4. Customer Reviews – While purchasing on the web, you can really take a look at the audits and client input of a guarantor prior to making an arrangement. You can likewise go through the online entertainment handles of the guarantor to check their credibility.
  5. Round the Clock Assistance – To purchase protection today, you don’t need the ability of a specialist and in this manner, don’t need to pay them a commission. These days, your safety net provider will allow you 24-hour help with making sense of the significance of different language utilized in the protection industry. The client support group will likewise help you in settling your queries.


It is dependably prudent to purchase a vehicle insurance contract online as opposed to through a specialist. Also, getting it from your approved vehicle dealer isn’t required. Consequently, in the event that you are searching for an issue free and reasonable arrangement, you should purchase four wheeler protection on the web and get a good deal on commission.