How is Own Damage Different from Zero Depreciation Car Insurance?

Before buying a vehicle insurance contract, you should know about the degree of inclusion you need for your car. In this context, two terms ‘own harm’ and ‘zero devaluation’ are utilized most generally. Tell us everything about own harm & zero deterioration vehicle protection and how they are not the same as each other.


What is Own Damage Car Insurance?

An own-harm vehicle insurance contract covers a vehicle proprietor against own harms supported by the safeguarded vehicle because of unexpected occasions like a street mishap, regular catastrophes, strikes, riots, robbery, and so on. It very well may be bought alongside an outsider risk vehicle strategy to cover the own harms supported by the protected car.

Purchasing outsider vehicle protection is necessary according to the engine laws of India.Own harm vehicle protection empowers you to independently buy this cover to get remuneration for the vehicle’s own harms, gave you as of now host a third get-together obligation policy.

As per the IRDAI guidelines, each vehicle insurance agency has begun selling a packaged vehicle strategy that offers 3-year outsider in addition to one-year own harm cover. This packaged engine insurance contract has been made required for each vehicle bought after first September 2018.


An own harm cover can likewise be profited under a far reaching vehicle insurance contract. An exhaustive engine insurance contract offers a more extensive inclusion by covering both outsider liabilities and own harms to the safeguarded car.

What is Zero Depreciation Car Insurance?

A zero deterioration vehicle protection or a zero dep cover is fundamentally an extra cover that a policyholder can buy alongside his/her complete engine protection plan. Otherwise called nothing deterioration cover, it gives inclusion to devaluation borne by the guaranteed vehicle and its parts over the years.

Usually, a standard engine insurance contract avoids general mileage of the vehicle for example deterioration supported by the safeguarded vehicle throughout the long term. Notwithstanding, by buying a zero dep add-on cover, you can defeat this prohibition and get the devaluation covered by the insurance agency at the hour of guarantee settlement. In such a situation, the insurance agency will incorporate how much deterioration of the vehicle and its parts in the case amount.

The measure of deterioration on various vehicle parts is determined in view of the rates proposed by the IRDAI, which are as follows:

  • On elastic, nylon, plastic parts, and batteries: 50%
  • On fiberglass parts: 30%
  • On wooden parts: 5% in the principal year, 10% in the subsequent year, thus on

A zero dep add-on can be bought by paying some extra superior sum over the current vehicle protection cost. Additionally, this extra cover must be profited with own-harm vehicle protection or a thorough engine protection cover and not under outsider insurance. 

What is the Difference Between a Zero Dep and Own Damage Car Insurance?

A zero dep add-on cover and an own-harm vehicle insurance contract are two unique terms utilized in an engine protection contract. In any case, the two of them give totally unique benefits.

A zero deterioration is an extra cover that policyholders can buy alongside their own harm or a complete vehicle strategy as it were. This extra can be bought by paying an extra top notch add up to cover the deterioration supported by the guaranteed vehicle according to its age.

On the other hand, you can get own harm cover independently for your vehicle provided that you host a current third gathering responsibility protection cover. An own harm cover is likewise presented under a thorough vehicle insurance contract as it gives inclusion to both outsider liabilities and the vehicle’s own harms. It relies upon you whether you need to add a zero deterioration cover with your vehicle insurance contract or not.


Own Damage Insurance Vs Own Damage Insurance with Zero Depreciation Cover

Let us comprehend the contrast between own harm protection and own harm protection with zero deterioration cover all the more obviously with the assistance of the accompanying table:

Point of Difference Own Damage with Zero Dep Cover Own Damages Without Zero Depreciation Cover
Car Insurance Premium Slightly higher than normal Lower than that of a vehicle strategy with zero dep add-on cover
Inclusions Includes the deterioration borne by the guaranteed vehicle and its parts Does exclude the deterioration borne by the guaranteed car
Claim Amount Higher guarantee sum as the deterioration sum is added Lower guarantee sum as the deterioration isn’t included


Own-harm vehicle protection might incorporate a zero devaluation add-on under its inclusion as it totally relies upon the policyholder. In the event that your vehicle is 5 years or more seasoned than 5 years, you can think about buying a zero deterioration alongside your vehicle insurance contract. You might be paying a higher premium at first yet your vehicle will be covered against any devaluation supported by it according to its age.

You can likewise independently analyze the expense of nothing deterioration add-on covers by looking at various vehicle protection anticipates like