Everything to Know About KP in Car Insurance

KP in vehicle insurance alludes to the Key Protect add-on cover that you can buy alongside your engine protection contract. This extra cover is valuable as it can assist you with monetarily covering your vehicle keys if there should be an occurrence of a disaster, like burglary. Allow us to grasp this extra exhaustively.


What is KP in Car Insurance?

The Key Protect add-on cover or KP offers assurance when the vehicle keys are harmed or lost because of any unexpected occasion like robbery or fire. Under this extra cover, the insurance agency pays you the expense of supplanting or fixing your vehicle keys assuming that it has been lost, taken or damaged.

By paying a marginally higher charge sum, you can add this cover to your far reaching vehicle protection or independent own harm vehicle policy.


What is Covered Under Key Protect Cover?

When you purchase vehicle protection on the web, you have the choice to add a key substitution cover to your essential cover. A key substitution add-on cover offers inclusion against the accompanying risks:

  • Loss of vehicle keys because of a surprising possibility on the road
  • If someone took your vehicle keys 
  • If your vehicle keys got harmed due to an unexpected accident
  • If the lockset of your vehicle has been damaged

Benefits of Having KP in Car Insurance

A key safeguard extra cover is advantageous in numerous ways. We should examine some of them:

  • Under this extra, a policyholder can get monetarily taken care of for the expense of fixing the lost or harmed vehicle keys.
  • In case your vehicle keys or lockset have been taken/harmed because of robbery or theft, your safety net provider will supplant it with another arrangement of keys.
  • The No Claim Bonus reward acquired by the policyholder will likewise not get impacted at the hour of vehicle strategy renewal.
  • You can buy a Key substitution add-on cover online absent a lot of issue. You should simply add the cover to your picked vehicle insurance contract while buying.

Exclusions of Key Protect Cover

A key safeguard add-on doesn’t cover you under the accompanying circumstances:

  • Any harm caused to the vehicle keys because of a purposeful or criminal act
  • If the misfortune or harm to the vehicle keys is covered under the producer’s warranty
  • Any loss of the vehicle keys because of radiation or risky perils
  • If the key substitution costs are caused via vehicles that are not for individual use

Cost of KP in Car Insurance

The cost of a key substitution add-on cover is different for various organizations. Nonetheless, this premium is dependably lower than the genuine expense of the substitution of the harmed keys. Additionally, the expense of supplanting distant vehicle keys or savvy vehicle keys is higher than that of traditional vehicle keys. 

Thus, by paying some sum as the premium of the KP add-on, you can take care of the great substitution expense of the lockset. In any case, the pay that you will get while guaranteeing under this extra cover will be dependent upon the IDV or safeguarded pronounced worth of your four-wheeler protection policy.


How to Buy Key Protect Cover Online?

Purchasing a key safeguard add-on cover alongside your vehicle insurance contract is anything but an awkward assignment. You can undoubtedly buy it online from Policybazaar.com. 

Simply explore to the ‘Vehicle Insurance Page’ from the landing page, enter your vehicle number and continue with vehicle protection quotes. Enter the necessary subtleties of your past vehicle strategy. Pick the ideal vehicle plan and select the ‘Key Protect’ add-on cover from the ‘Additional items and Accessories’ dropdown.

Now, pay the top notch sum and the key safeguard add-on cover will be added to your engine protection plan. You will get the strategy archive in a flash at your email address. You can find subtleties of the key safeguard add-on cover in your strategy documents.

Claiming Under KP in Car Insurance

If you have purchased a key safeguard add-on cover, you should know about the case cycle under your four-wheeler insurance contract. This is the way to do so:

  • Inform the Insurer: Firstly, you will be expected to illuminate your guarantor about the misfortune/harm of your vehicle keys. Make a point to let them know how it was lost.
  • File a FIR: If the keys were taken under burglary, make a point to record a Police FIR at the closest police station
  • Repairs/Replacement: Get your vehicle keys fixed or supplanted and raise a case with the insurer
  • Submit Documents: Submit the case structure alongside Police FIR and other important documents
  • Receive Compensation: The insurance agency will repay you with the case sum after the confirmation process.


Key Protect cover is a fundamental extra under a vehicle insurance contract as it can assist you with getting fair remuneration if there should be an occurrence of misfortune or harm to your vehicle keys. In addition, you will likewise not be expected to pay a higher sum for supplanting the first lockset, on the off chance that you harm the first one. Accordingly, it will continuously be an insightful choice to have a KP cover added to your vehicle protection policy.