Everything About Third-Party Liability Insurance

While purchasing a vehicle, people frequently get confounded while picking a vehicle insurance contract. In India, there are 2 kinds of vehicle insurance contracts accessible. Outsider risk protection and exhaustive vehicle protection. Both enjoy their benefits and detriments and suit various kinds of prerequisites. Peruse on assuming you are intending to purchase outsider responsibility insurance for your vehicle and need to have a deep understanding of this kind of vehicle contract in less than 10 minutes.


What is Third-Party Liability Insurance?

Third-party obligation insurance is a sort of contract under which the insurance agency offers cover for the safeguarded against lawful liabilities that emerge because of the misfortune/harm brought about by them to a third individual’s body or their property. 

On the other hand, a comprehensive vehicle protection policy offers total security against harms supported by your vehicle because of unexpected mishaps or because of different occurrences like regular/artificial risks.


How Does Third-Party Liability Insurance Work?

Let us take a gander at certain wordings to all the more likely figure out the idea of Third-party responsibility protection. Taking an illustration of an occasion in an auto collision where gatherings included are as follows:

First Party: Is the policyholder or the safeguarded person

Second Party: Is the protection company

Third-party: Is the individual who claims for the harms brought about by the principal party from the second party.

In case the guaranteed is held lawfully at risk with the third party vehicle protection policy for wounds or harms caused to the outsider, then, at that point, the safeguarded is repaid with pay. Any misfortunes emerging because of harms or wounds made by the protected an outsider or third

party’s property, are covered under the outsider vehicle protection policy.

In the occasion of an auto crash, the protected individual holding the Third-party obligation insurance contract should illuminate the safety net provider about the mishap. Assuming you end up being answerable for the mishap (or the outsider trusts you to be mindful), a case will unquestionably be recorded against you, which your guarantor will be supposed to pay. 

Thus, for the rapid goal of the case, the insurance agency should be educated at the earliest. This is the manner by which an outsider engine protection process works.


Features of Third-Party Liability Insurance

Key Features


Damage to property/vehicle of third-party

Up to Rs 7.5 Lakh

Buying Process


Bodily harm/injury to third-party

Decided according to the Motor Accident Claim Tribunal(MACT)


Benefits of Third-Party Liability Insurance

There are many benefits to outsider protection, how about we take a gander at the ones that you will be qualified for on the off chance that you wish to purchase Third-party risk protection for your vehicle.

1. Opportunity to Drive Legally and Stress-Free

It is important to protect your vehicle to lawfully drive on Indian streets, according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Getting this fundamental outsider protection will save you from begging to be spent from the heavy traffic fines. Moreover, realizing that any unexpected legitimate and monetary liabilities emerging because of a mishap will be covered by your safety net provider assists you drive with tranquility of mind.

2. Gives Coverage to Personal Damage of the Third-Party Involved in the Accident

In instance of occasions like a mishap where you wind up harming somebody truly or in serious cases you become the reason for the passing/extremely durable handicap of the third individual. The outsider protection holder will get inclusion for every one of the misfortunes up to limitless liability.

3. Assists Save With timing, Efforts and Money

Now you can purchase your number one vehicle strategy from the best vehicle protection companies from the solace of home, with only a couple of snaps. This computerized cycle expresses farewell to the issues of remaining in lines, filling long structures, running starting with one counter then onto the next to finish the work, and the tremendous struggle of travel, saving you heaps of time and money. 

4. Gives Coverage to Vehicular Damage of the Third-Party Involved in the Accident

In the occasion of a mishap wherein the guaranteed individual makes harm the outsider vehicle, the back up plan will give inclusion of up to Rs 7.5 lakh for the third party.

5. Assurance Against Unwanted Financial Liabilities

Considering the weighty traffic on Indian streets, mishaps will undoubtedly occur, subsequently purchasing a Third-party obligation insurance contract is an absolute requirement. This will assist you with remaining monetarily secure assuming a spontaneous setback comes your direction, being arranged is in every case better compared to apologizing later.


6. Outsider Liability Insurance Inclusions

With a Third-party risk insurance contract, you will be covered against monetary/lawful liabilities in the accompanying situations:

  • Damages to the outsider vehicle on account of the guaranteed vehicle
  • Damages to the outsider property to a degree of Rs 7.5 lakhs
  • Bodily wounds supported by the outsider causing super durable inability/death

Third-Party Liability Insurance Exclusions

When you pick an outsider just vehicle insurance contract, you ought to likewise know about every one of the prohibitions. We should investigate what everything isn’t covered by the outsider vehicle insurance:

  • The harms caused to your vehicle
  • The expense of the harms to the vehicle or the assets there inside the vehicle at the hour of the accident
  • The misfortunes that are brought about on the off chance that your vehicle or possessions are taken or destroyed 

Disadvantages of Third-Party Liability Insurance

Let’s gander at a portion of the weaknesses that you could confront assuming you decide to purchase Third-party responsibility protection rather than a far reaching vehicle protection policy:

1. No Option to Avail Add-on Covers

There are many additional items offered that can upgrade the inclusion of your arrangement, however you can decide on them assuming you feel free to purchase a complete vehicle insurance contract. Being the most essential arrangement, Third-party obligation protection doesn’t offer you this flexibility.

2. No Coverage Against Damages Due to Natural Calamities 

Future isn’t in our grasp, normal catastrophes like floods, seismic tremors, tidal wave, and so forth, are a few unpredictable and uncontrollable accidents. In the event that your vehicle gets harmed because of a characteristic catastrophe, your Third-party responsibility protection will not have the option to help you. Such inclusion is just presented by a far reaching vehicle insurance contract that safeguards you from the harms supported by your vehicle both against regular or man-made disasters.

3. No inclusion Against Own Damage (OD)

Third-party risk protection doesn’t give inclusion against the harms caused to your vehicle. To safeguard your vehicle monetarily, you should purchase a far reaching vehicle protection policy.



Without a fundamental car protection policy, your dearest vehicle will essentially be futile and against the law to drive as the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it obligatory to convey vehicle protection. Having said that, not every person can manage the cost of exhaustive vehicle insurance contracts for their vehicles and some don’t for even a moment track down the need to gain one. Consequently, outsider responsibility protection suits a ton of people who need to drive their vehicle calmly as well as keep the law.