Driver and Passenger Cover in Car Insurance

While driving, it is not difficult to get distracted, particularly, during top traffic hours or then again in the event that you’re in a rush. A little distraction can undoubtedly prompt a significant mishap. In India, 1.2 lakh individuals passed on in street mishaps in the year 2020, notwithstanding the COVID-19 lockdown. Along these lines, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has made it obligatory for each proprietor driver of the safeguarded vehicle to have an individual mishap cover. Aside from this, you can likewise get an extra traveler vehicle insurance cover for travelers riding in the vehicle by paying a higher installment sum.


Is Driver and Passenger Cover in Car Insurance Mandatory?

Personal mishap front of Rs 15 lakh is obligatory for every one of the proprietor drivers in India however it isn’t necessary to cover travelers. Notwithstanding, there are decisions accessible to cover the dangers of individual mishaps to any paid driver or traveler in the vehicle. By purchasing the driver and traveler cover, the vehicle’s proprietor driver, travelers, and, surprisingly, the relatives can be covered against unintentional wounds, including demise or disability. 

While driver vehicle protection just covers the proprietor driver of the vehicle, the traveler add-on cover can safeguard up to 03 extra travelers separated from the driver. Consequently, traveler vehicle protection cover offers more extensive coverage.


How Does Driver and Passenger Cover Work in a Car Insurance Policy?

A standard complete vehicle strategy monetarily safeguards the proprietor of the protected vehicle in a street mishap. In the event of the passing or extremely durable handicap of the proprietor driver in a mishap of the guaranteed vehicle, your guarantor will pay a proper sum as pay to the candidate or the policyholder respectively. 

In the instance of a paid driver, the vehicle proprietor should pay an extra premium to profit inclusion. The case sum is payable just to the referenced paid driver in the proposition application. No one else can profit of those monetary advantages, regardless of whether they are paid to drive the safeguarded car.

However, no inclusion will be given to travelers situated in the vehicle in light of the fact that an ordinary vehicle insurance contract doesn’t cover travelers in such mishaps. The travelers should spend from their own pockets for their treatment.

As the proprietor of the vehicle, you have the obligation of the travelers sitting in your vehicle. With the assistance of the traveler add-on cover, every one of the travelers riding inside the consideration are covered monetarily. This extra cover definitely increases the value of your customary vehicle insurance contract by covering the liabilities emerging because of wounds or demise of the travelers in your vehicle and helping with treating their injuries.


Range of Compensation under Passenger Cover

Your safety net provider will pay remuneration for actual wounds that occurred while traveling, rising, or sliding the protected vehicle. Here is the size of discount, which a guarantor is at risk to pay you if there should be an occurrence of such episodes

Injury Type

Percentage of Compensation

In instance of death


Loss of sight of both the eyes or both limbs


Loss of sight of a solitary eye and single limb


Permanent incapacity from wounds other than above mentioned


Benefits of Driver and Passenger Cover

Buying the driver and traveler cover under your standard extensive vehicle insurance contract broadens its inclusion level. Here are the advantages of driver and traveler cover-

  • It takes care of clinical costs brought about in the treatment of the harmed driver and passengers.
  • It gives monetary guide in the event of the demise of proprietor driver/passengers.
  • It gives handicap risk cover to the proprietor driver and travelers of a guaranteed car.
  • It intends to decrease the monetary weight coming about because of such circumstances as you can guarantee for the financial ramifications of any wounds to the proprietor driver and travelers traveling in the car.

What is Excluded under Driver and Passenger Cover?

Like different covers, the driver and traveler cover accompanies a few avoidances also. They are as per the following

  • Some back up plans don’t give monetary help if the passenger(s) had left the spot of the incident.
  • It doesn’t cover multiple travelers in a private car.
  • Accidental wounds because of endeavored self destruction or deliberate self-injury are not covered.
  • An mishap occurring when the driver was affected by liquor or any medication is excluded.

How Can You Raise a Claim under Driver and Passenger Cover?

The whole cycle to enroll a case for driver vehicle protection and traveler vehicle protection add-on cover is simple and bother free. You can easily raise a case through the web-based strategy. Follow the means beneath to document a driver and traveler guarantee after the protected auto’s crash

Step 1: Give a call to your safety net provider and illuminate them about the mishap. Make sense of for them how much harm to your vehicle and harmed travelers in the accident.

Step 2: File a FIR at the nearby police headquarters close you.

Step 3: If the mishap includes an outsider, take the whole subtleties of the third party.

Step 4: You and the travelers of your vehicle ought to visit a clinic to get treatment for your injuries.

Step 5: The insurance agency will appoint an assessor to assess the harms to your vehicle for the settlement of the claim.

Step 6: The safety net provider will give monetary help to treating the wounds of the travelers and the proprietor driver of the protected vehicle. In the event of any passing because of the mishap, the back up plan will pay remuneration to the casualty & family.



Life is unpredictable thus, you can never foresee when you can meet with an auto crash. Consequently, you really want a driver and traveler cover to manage its monetary ramifications. As a vehicle proprietor, it is required for you to have an individual mishap cover under your vehicle insurance contract. Be that as it may, to guarantee inclusion for the traveler situated in your vehicle, you can decide to purchase a traveler add-on cover by paying an extra exceptional sum. Simply recollect that not multiple travelers situated in the vehicle will be covered during the accident.