Car Depreciation Calculator

If you are hoping to buy another vehicle or wanting to sell your current one, it is vital to know what devaluation means for its worth. By utilizing a vehicle deterioration number cruncher, you can gauge the worth of a vehicle once it’s being used and know what it might mean for your vehicle’s worth.


About Car Depreciation

Car deterioration is the distinction in the worth of a vehicle between the time it was bought and when it is sold. In basic words, it is a diminishing in the worth of a vehicle and its parts over the long haul contingent upon a few factors.

Every vehicle’s worth deteriorates with time because of regular mileage. This devaluation or normal mileage of your vehicle influences your insurance payment as well as your vehicle’s Insured Declared Value as well.


How to Use a Car Depreciation Calculator?

Follow these means to involve a vehicle deterioration number cruncher in three basic steps:

Step 1: Enter the ex-display area cost of your car.

Step 2: Select the vehicle registration year from the dropdown.

Step 3: Press the ‘Ascertain IDV’ button.

Based on the data gave, you will get the suggested IDV in view of your vehicle’s age.


Concept and Working of Car Depreciation Calculator

Depreciation is the contrast between the amount you pay to purchase a vehicle and the sum you get back subsequent to selling it. A vehicle devaluation number cruncher is a web-based instrument that can be utilized to compute the vehicle deterioration rate. A vehicle deterioration mini-computer can help you in learning the devaluation borne by your four-wheeler according to its age.

You can utilize the vehicle esteem devaluation adding machine to know the value of your vehicle as well as find out its IDV that you will be paid on a complete loss of your vehicle. Regardless of whether you intend to sell your vehicle, you can utilize this mini-computer to get a fair resale value.

To work out the deterioration of your vehicle, you can utilize two distinct kinds of formulas:

  • Prime Cost Method for Calculating Car Depreciation

Cost of Running the Car x (Days you owned÷ 365) x (100 percent ÷ Effective life in years) = Lost Value

Under this strategy, the estimation of devaluation depends on the decent level of its cost.

  • Diminishing Value Method for Calculating Car Depreciation

Value of the Car when Purchased x (Days you possessed ÷ 365) x (200% ÷ Effective life in years)

Under this technique, the computation depends on the base worth of the car.

You can likewise essentially utilize a vehicle deterioration number cruncher to do the previously mentioned task with ease. 

Rate of Car Depreciation in India

When an insurance agency works out a vehicle’s IDV, they deduct how much deterioration supported by the vehicle throughout the long term. This devaluation is determined based on deterioration rates as set somewhere near the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) according to the age of the car.

The underneath table gives an outline of the pace of deterioration in India in view of the age of the vehicle and can be utilized to ascertain the IDV of your car.

Age of Car Rate of Depreciation
0-6 months 5%
6 months – 1 year 15%
1 year – 2 years 20%
2 years – 3 years 30%
3 years – 4 years 40%
4 years – 5 years 50%
Above 5 years (for out of date models) Mutually chose the back up plan and vehicle owner

It is critical to realize that the vehicle deterioration rate for specific vehicle parts shifts. Actually take a look at the accompanying table to know the vehicle parts with their pace of devaluation

Car Components Rate of Depreciation
For every elastic part/nylon parts/plastic parts/tires and cylinders/batteries and airbags 50%
Paintwork 50%
Fiberglass components 30%
Glass components Nil

Factors Affecting Depreciation of a Car

Several factors influence the worth of a vehicle after some time. They are as per the following

  • Age of the Car: The state of being and mileage of a vehicle are determined with its age. The more established the vehicle implies; the lesser the worth of the car.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Fuel-proficient vehicles are practical and have great resale value.
  • Model of the Car: Large extravagance vehicles have more deterioration rate than more modest vehicles. It is on the grounds that their parts/upkeep are normally more costly.
  • Maintenance: The more kept a vehicle is, the lower its deterioration worth will be. Assuming your vehicle has bodywork issues or an unfortunate inside, you can expect a high deterioration charge.
  • Number of Owners: When it comes to working out deterioration, the standard is that the less the proprietors, the better the worth of the car.

Ways to Minimize Car Depreciation

There are numerous ways of limiting devaluation and get a higher IDV & resale an incentive for your vehicle. The following are a couple of tips that you can follow to diminish the deterioration of your car:

  1. Maintenance of Your Car: There are chances that you will get a superior resale esteem assuming your vehicle is looking great. Remember to keep a record of the adjusting. Likewise, try to stay away from alterations in the vehicle as it makes a vehicle more hard to sell.
  2. Buy a High Resale Car Model: Some vehicles hold their worth better than others. Do profound examination on the resale upsides of different four wheelers before you purchase another vehicle. By this, you can keep away from a vehicle that has a higher vehicle depreciation.

Buy Zero Depreciation Cover: Buy the zero deterioration add-on cover under your vehicle insurance contract as it compensates you for the case sum that gets deducted because of the devaluation of your vehicle.