Compulsory Personal Accident Cover in Car Insurance

Road mishaps don’t come reported close to home. Such incidents are unpredictable and lead to extreme vehicular harm as well as substantial injuriesand once in a while long-lasting incapacity or even passing. Succumbing to such undesirable mishaps not just makes a spontaneous monetary weight for us yet in addition prompts


What is a Compulsory Personal Accident (CPA) Cover? 

As the name recommends, a necessary mishap cover is private mishap insurance for the proprietor driver that is given a vehicle protection contract. Whether you are purchasing outsider protection or a comprehensive vehicle protection plan, an individual mishap cover is provided.

It can likewise be bought as an expansion with a current vehicle strategy and is given to the proprietor driver. Under this cover, you will be qualified for money related remuneration up to Rs 15 lakh from your safety net provider in the event that you face any substantial harm or wounds in a mishap. Kindly note that you would have to hold a legitimate driving permit if you have any desire to be qualified for remuneration under this cover


Is it Important to Have a Personal Accident Cover?

Situations out and about are unpredictable. Incidents can happen in a matter of moments without even you seeing them coming. Such disasters out and about lead to extreme harm to vehicles as well as lead to substantial harm to people in the car. 

While outsider vehicle insurance and thorough vehicle protection contracts cover outsider real harms, wounds as well as vehicular harm, they don’t give inclusion to the proprietor driver, making them powerless in such circumstances. 

Such dangerous incidents can’t be denied, nor could their likelihood at any point be anticipated. The most effective way here is to constantly be ready and keep yourself canvassed in such cases. Thus, it becomes vital to purchase individual mishap protection. This vehicle strategy fills in as an indispensable instrument giving the proprietor driver greatest monetary help with instance of a mishap on the road. 


What is Covered under Personal Accident Cover?

As per the rules of IRDAI, an individual mishap cover under a vehicle insurance contract accommodates money related pay up to Rs15 lakh if there should be an occurrence of substantial harm or wounds, long-lasting handicap, or even demise of the protected proprietor driver. We should have a top to bottom glance at the level of remuneration paid by the insurance agency under different situations:

  • Accidental death: The safety net provider will repay the whole aggregate guaranteed to the candidate of the departed in the event of abrupt demise in a street accident
  • Permanent incapacity: Under this present circumstance, the pay paid is as per the following –

Situation type

Compensation gave (%)



Loss of 2 appendages or 2 eyes or 1 appendage or 1 eye


Loss of sight of 1 eye or 1 limb


Permanent disability



Benefits of Personal Accident Cover?

Personal mishap cover accompanies the accompanying benefits:

1. Monetary remuneration to the protected for loss of pay because of super durable incapacity in the accident

2. Monetary remuneration to the protected for costs emerging out of clinical treatments

3. Furthermore, an individual mishap cover likewise helps the enduring individuals from the deceased 


Is it Mandatory to Have a Personal Accident Cover?

Initially, according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the main report that was obligatorily expected to be conveyed was third-party vehicle insurance. Notwithstanding, since vehicle proprietorship has expanded in India prompting a larger number of cases for substantial wounds being reported. 

Apart from this, the main left-out cases were wounds supported by proprietor drivers that required. This aim prompted individual mishap covers being made obligatory to be purchased alongside a vehicle protection policy. 

However, the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act, 2019 has marginally corrected this standard of mandatorily purchasing an individual mishap cover with the accompanying 2 critical changes:

1. Assuming the proprietor driver as of now has an independent mishap plan with a protected summarize to Rs 15 lakh, then they won’t be expected to purchase this extra cover

2. In the event that the proprietor driver has a current vehicle and as of now conveys an individual mishap cover alongside their insurance contract, they won’t be expected to get it again for a new vehicle


Changes Made to Personal Accident Cover

With the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act, 2019, a ton of changes have been made to individual mishap protection. Following are a portion of the progressions to be kept in mind:

  • Sum Insured has been expanded to Rs 15 lakh for a wide range of vehicles from the past Rs 1 lakh for 2-wheelers and Rs 2 lakh for 4-wheelers
  • The measure of individual mishap cover for proprietor driver for 1 year has been expanded to Rs 331 barring GST from the past Rs 50 for 2-wheelers and Rs 100 for vehicles. This is because of the expansion in the all out aggregate insured.
  • Vehicles claimed by privately owned businesses or associations can’t settle on private mishap insurance, thus, are not expected to pay an extra installment sum while purchasing vehicle protection for the vehicle.
  • In case an individual possesses more than 1 vehicle, they might be expected to pay a superior sum for PA cover for just that vehicle regardless of whether they purchase another vehicle.


Humans are dependably keeping watch to be ready for risk, particularly unpredictable occasions, for example, making an activity arrangement as well as following customary fiasco the executives drills for unanticipated seismic tremors or purchasing vehicle protection. Driving out and about additionally includes the likelihood of unexpected disasters coming at our way without notice. 

This calls for keeping ourselves ready as well as pre-arranged each time we go out driving out and about. Ensure that you intermittently renew vehicle protection online and keep it substantial so you can drive out and about without stress and furthermore keep yourself safeguarded from unexpected mishaps.