Collision Damage Waiver

Collision Damage Waiver is a sort of rental vehicle protection cover that offers monetary help to vehicle tenants in the event of harm to the vehicle. The CDW protection is offered via vehicle rental organizations to shield the tenant from monetary ramifications when his/her leased vehicle is engaged with a crash. Allow us to comprehend harm waiver protection further in the article.


About Collision Damage Waiver for Rental Cars

A impact harm waiver is an extra protection cover that vehicle rental clients can buy to postpone off monetary liabilities if there should be an occurrence of a crash. In the event that the tenant has bought CDW vehicle protection on the web, he won’t be obligated to pay for the maintenance of the leased vehicle in the event that it gets harmed in a collision. 

For model, assuming you have leased a vehicle with CDW protection, and it meets with a mishap making harms its body, the vehicle rental organization will give you monetary help against the expense of fixing that harm. The guarantor might offer you inclusion in full or outsider inclusion relying upon the kind of protection you have purchased. 


What Does CDW Insurance Cover?

If you are wanting to lease a vehicle from a vehicle rental organization, you should know about what crash harm waiver covers so you can choose whether to buy the CDW protection or not. Investigate what a crash harm waiver generally includes:

  • It covers harms on the bodywork of the vehicle like marks and scuffs.
  • It gives inclusion to burglary, fire & defacement of the leased car.
  • It gives inclusion to towing expenses.

What isn’t Covered under Collision Damage Waiver?

A crash harm waiver protection doesn’t take care of the expense of fixing the harms to the leased vehicle due to the following:

  • It covers no wounds to the leaseholder on the off chance that the traffic mishap has been caused because of his/her fault. 
  • It won’t cover the costs on the off chance that the leaseholder was tipsy driving or speeding or going 4×4 romping the rental vehicle. 
  • It doesn’t cover harms to outsider vehicles, their property or substantial injuries.
  • Damages to a few vehicle parts, like tires, wheels, rooftop, windscreen, battery and gearbox, are generally not covered under CDW insurance. 

Do I Need CDW Car Insurance?

If you need to buy a vehicle however don’t find one under your financial plan, then leasing a vehicle can be an incredible choice for you. It won’t just build your comfort yet will set aside you bunches of cash. Besides, assuming that you cover the leased vehicle under CDW protection, it will monetarily shield you against the expense of fixing any harms because of the crash of the vehicle to an incredible extent.  

Without buying an impact harm waiver, you will be at risk to pay for every one of the harms that your leased vehicle could support if there should arise an occurrence of a mishap. This might prompt major monetary misfortunes. However, assuming you have CDW protection, you can don’t need to stress over the expense of fixing the car.

However, assuming that you as of now have a vehicle protection policy that gives inclusion against harms to rental vehicles then CDW cover isn’t needed. Yet, in the event that you don’t have a vehicle rental protection cover, then, at that point, you can decide to purchase such CDW vehicle protection from the rental organization. In any case, prior to leasing a vehicle, try to comprehend what all your CDW covers with the goal that you don’t wind up paying more than the inclusion you get. 

Can I Skip Buying Collision Damage Waiver for Rental Cars?

You might have two choices to buy an impact harm waiver. These include:

    1. Credit Cards – Many times Mastercard organizations might offer crash harm waiver protection for cardholders who pay the rental expense of the vehicle utilizing the credit card. 
    2. Existing Car Insurance Policy Another method for getting an impact harm waiver is under your current vehicle protection plan. A couple of engine insurance agency likewise offer crash harm waiver cover under their rental vehicle protection plans, which you can buy. In such a case, you won’t need to moreover buy CDW insurance and can depend on your current vehicle protection contract for inclusion. Albeit, this component may not be given by numerous insurance agency in India. 

If you choose to go with a Mastercard or existing protection elective as opposed to buying an impact harm waiver independently, ensure that your protection supplier or charge card organization concurs with the rental organization to pay for the expense of fixing the rental vehicle harms Also, do your examination prior to continuing with the purchase. 

Is Damage Waiver the Same as Car Insurance?

Collision harm waiver ought not be mistaken for vehicle protection as the previous just covers the fixes for a rental vehicle. Then again, a vehicle insurance contract is bought to cover a vehicle that you have bought for you and not lease one.

Moreover, the extent of inclusion for the two sorts of protection is unique. A crash harm waiver protection just covers a portion of the fixes that a leaseholder might cause if there should be an occurrence of a leased auto collision. It covers no outsider wounds or property harms as well. 


Whereas, a vehicle insurance contract has more extensive inclusion. It can cover outsider harms to property or injury/demise of an outsider (known as outsider protection) or outsider’s harms/wounds, individual mishaps alongside vehicle’s own harms (thorough vehicle protection) if there should be an occurrence of an auto crash, robbery or other unexpected incidents. 

Other Types of Coverage Offered in Rental Car Insurance

Apart from crash harm waiver cover, there are some other coverages that you can get by purchasing rental vehicle protection on the web. These include:

1. Security from Theft

The second most normal inclusion after crash harm waiver protection will be security from robbery. On the off chance that the leased vehicle gets taken, then the burglary insurance inclusion will take care of you against the expense of the taken vehicle. In such a case, you won’t need to pay for the expense of supplanting the taken vehicle, which you would have been responsible for in any case. Besides, security from robbery offers monetary cover against the harms that the recuperated leased vehicle has supported while being stolen. 


2. Outsider Liability

Like an outsider vehicle insurance contract, rental vehicle protection likewise gives inclusion against outsider liabilities. In the event that the leased vehicle meets with an unanticipated mishap bringing about the injury to an outsider or harm to his/her property, then, at that point, rental vehicle protection will cover those liabilities and pay remuneration to the outsider on your behalf. 


Choosing an impact harm waiver or not is totally dependent upon you. No matter what your choice, try to take photos of your rental vehicle when you get it from the rental organization, particularly assuming that you spot existing harm. By doing this, you can record any harm that was at that point there on the leased vehicle and show them as evidence of no harms supported by the vehicle under your authority. Also, try to have every one of your questions cleared prior to settling on buying CDW insurance.