Know Everything About CNG Car Insurance

If you are intending to get a CNG unit fitted in your vehicle or buy another CNG vehicle, you ought to know what it will mean for your vehicle insurance contract price.Here is all you want to be familiar with CNG vehicle protection and what CNG will mean for your engine contract premium.


Advantages of Having a CNG Vehicle

If you are searching for a reasonable and eco-accommodating method for driving, having a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) vehicle can be the most ideal choice for you. Because of expanding contamination, fossil fuel byproduct, environmental change, and so forth, CNG vehicles are stylish as of late. In addition to the fact that they are an incredible option in contrast to petrol are more affordable and economical.

Besides, you can get the very mileage with a CNG vehicle that you get with a petrol one at 33% the cost of petrol. Besides, CNG has exceptionally low carbon impressions, making it perhaps the most ecological agreeable fuel. Consequently, having a CNG vehicle can be an incredible method for making the environment greener and better.


Ways to Install CNG in a Car

Many producers in India have begun fabricating CNG vehicles to lessen the reliance on draining assets like petrol and diesel. Notwithstanding, assuming you are thinking about getting a CNG vehicle, you should likewise know about how you can get a vehicle protection policyfor your CNG vehicle.

    1. Installing an External CNG Kit

      The first choice you can decide on is getting an outer CNG unit fitted in your current petrol/diesel vehicle. In any case, your current vehicle insurance contract won’t do the trick to cover you for getting a CNG unit introduced. In this way, your guarantor should be aware when you intend to get an outer CNG unit introduced in your vehicle.

      If you are getting a CNG pack introduced in your vehicle, you should do the following:

      • Firstly, illuminate your RTO about getting a CNG unit fitted in your vehicle with the goal that they can refresh your RC book.
      • Next, illuminate your safety net provider about the alteration you have done to your vehicle so they can change your four-wheeler insurance contract to cover your CNG vehicle. The back up plan will probably expand your arrangement inclusion, which will affect your premium as well.
  1. Buying a New CNG-fitted Car

    Purchasing a CNG vehicle is a more straightforward choice as you are not expected to do a lot of in such manner. The registration of your vehicle is done whenever you have bought a CNG vehicle. Accordingly, the RTO is now mindful of the CNG vehicle and issues a RC book with a CNG seal on it.

    Moreover, when you buy a CNG vehicle, you buy another vehicle insurance contract. In this way, the safety net provider definitely is familiar with the CNG vehicle and gives you a CNG vehicle insurance contract for your four-wheeler.

There are two different ways that you can take on to get a CNG vehicle. The first is getting a CNG pack introduced in your old vehicle and the second is buying another CNG vehicle. Anything be the situation, both these ways will influence yourcar insurance installment. Hence, let us comprehend them one by one:

Impact of CNG Kit on Your Car Insurance Policy


Now that you know the two different ways of getting a CNG vehicle, you should likewise realize how getting a CNG pack fitted in your vehicle influences your engine insurance contract. This is the way CNG influences your four wheeler protection premium:

Insufficient Coverage

When you get a CNG pack fitted in your old vehicle, your current vehicle insurance contract stops covering this change. This is on the grounds that your current four-wheeler insurance contract just covers your vehicle for the current fuel limit for example diesel or petrol.

When it comes to CNG packs, the expense of upkeep and harms is higher, which likewise expands the obligation of your back up plan. Accordingly, there is an expansion in your current coverage.


Thus, assuming that you believe your vehicle strategy should likewise take care of the expense of a CNG pack introduced in your vehicle, you should illuminate your insurance agency and grow the inclusion of your current engine protection policy.

Increased Premium

As expressed over, a CNG pack conveys a higher support cost, which builds the inclusion of your current vehicle insurance contract and you are eventually expected to pay a higher premium.

When it comes to charging a premium for CNG fitted vehicles, the IRDAI hosts fixed the third-gathering responsibility premium at Rs. 60 for CNG packs, which are introduced remotely or are now processing plant fitted. Along these lines, a policyholder should pay Rs. 60 extra towards your obligation just vehicle protection policy.

The incorporation of a CNG pack is likewise presented under a far reaching vehicle insurance contract, in this way, expanding its superior sum. In this manner, whichever inclusion you decide for your CNG fitted vehicle, your engine insurance payment will increase.


Requirement of an Endorsement

When you get a CNG unit fitted in your vehicle, you have another custom to follow, which is finishing an underwriting to your current four-wheeler insurance contract. A support is finished by your guarantor to your vehicle strategy at whatever point you finish a change, for example, getting a CNG unit introduced in your car.

Thus, you really want to demand an underwriting of the introduced CNG pack from your insurance agency. On the off chance that you neglect to demand one, the vehicle insurance agency might consider dismissing your case during incidental damage. 


The reliance on petrol and diesel has expanded fuel costs around the country. Besides, both these fuel types are not economical for the climate, consequently, expanding the requirement for an elective fuel like CNG in the market.

By introducing a CNG pack in your vehicle or buying another CNG vehicle, you can pick a less expensive option as well as diminish the fossil fuel byproduct levels of your vehicle. Moreover, you should likewise consider getting a proper vehicle insurance contract to sufficiently cover your CNG car.