Can You Claim Car Insurance with a Temporary Registration Number?

When you purchase a vehicle, you get an impermanent vehicle registration number that you can use to buy a vehicle insurance contract. Yet, what occurs assuming your recently purchased vehicle with a transitory registration number meets with a mishap? Will you be made up for the harms to your vehicle? Peruse on to find the answer.


Significance of Temporary Vehicle Registration Number

Before bouncing into the vehicle protection guarantee process for a recently purchased vehicle, you should know the significance of an impermanent vehicle registration number. A brief registration number of your vehicle gives you the power to lawfully drive the vehicle on the road.

Besides, giving an extremely durable registration number takes a significant period. In this manner, you are expected to have an impermanent vehicle registration number that is given by your vehicle vendor and is legitimate for one month. During this period, you should get your vehicle enlisted with the closest Regional Transport Office (RTO) and get the long-lasting registration number gave when possible.


Can You Raise Car Insurance Claims with a Temporary Car Registration Number?

Yes, you can raise a vehicle protection guarantee with a brief registration number. Your insurance agency will remunerate you for the harms supported by your four wheeler regardless of whether you have a long-lasting vehicle number. You should simply follow the case cycle and present the required documents.

Besides, a vehicle insurance contract for a recently purchased vehicle is given in view of the frame number and motor number. Whenever you get the long-lasting registration number for your vehicle, your individual back up plan will interface with you to refresh the number in their records. Your back up plan might associate with you in two ways that are made sense of beneath

  1. The safety net provider will request the vehicle registration number and update it in their records through input, welcome, administration or underwriting call.
  2. The safety net provider will interface with you at the hour of strategy restoration and request your super durable registration number. Recollect that it is compulsory to give them your extremely durable vehicle registration number to get your strategy renewed.

Process of Car Insurance Claim with a Temporary Registration Number

The guarantee process for a vehicle with a transitory registration number is like the vehicle with a long-lasting registration number. Your back up plan will request the motor and suspension number of your vehicle to refresh their framework and make the case cycle easy.

The cycle of raising vehicle protection claims includes a couple of steps. Here are the means that you want to follow to raise a case under your vehicle protection online with an impermanent registration number-

  • Intimate Your Insurer

    The initial phase in the case cycle is to imply your safety net provider about the accident and furnish them with all the data about the harms. They will ask you for the transitory registration number given by your seller. Be transparent with your safety net provider while giving the subtleties of the episode. Off-base or created data builds the possibilities of guarantee rejection.

  • Fill and Submit the Claim Form

    Your safety net provider will request that you download the case structure from their site or versatile application and submit it to raise a case under your vehicle insurance contract. Fill in the structure appropriately, append the expected records and present the structure. If there should arise an occurrence of disconnected mode, you can visit the closest branch office of the insurance agency or request that your representative assistance you with the case form.

  • Assessment & Evaluation

    Your safety net provider will assign an assessor to assess the misfortunes and harms to your vehicle. An appraisal report is ready by the assessor in light of which your safety net provider will acknowledge or dismiss your claim.

  • Get Your Car Repaired

    Once the back up plan endorses your case, you want to send your vehicle for fix. In the event of a credit only case settlement process, your vehicle will be towed to the closest organization carport for fixing every one of the harms. After it has been fixed, you can bring your vehicle back home from the carport without covering the bills as it will be settled by your insurer.

    In instance of a repayment guarantee, you should accept your vehicle to a non-supported carport and settle the bill after the harms have been fixed. Then, at that point, you will be expected to send every one of the bills to the back up plan. When your records have been confirmed, the insurance agency will repay the case add up to your bank account.



Every vehicle is allowed a transitory registration number when it is purchased. In the event that your vehicle meets with a mishap while you are as yet hanging tight for an extremely durable registration number, you can get made up for every one of the harms & misfortunes as long as your vehicle is protected. Subsequently, you should purchase a vehicle insurance contract the second your vehicle leaves the display area. Notwithstanding, make a point to follow the vehicle protection guarantee cycle to get your misfortunes covered. Make sure to raise the case on time and present the necessary reports to get your case approved.