Can I Claim Insurance for Car Scratches in India?

Yes, you can guarantee protection for vehicle scratches and marks in India. Notwithstanding, it is fitting not to do as such as it might turn into a costly arrangement for your future engine insurance payments. Allow us to make sense of the explanation for this further in the article.


Is It Feasible to File Insurance Claim for Scratches on Car?

Many times our vehicle meets with unanticipated liabilities that are trivial in nature, similar to minor imprints or vehicle scratches out and about. Under such a circumstance, the principal question that enters our thoughts is regardless of whether my vehicle insurance contract will cover such minor harms. Also, on the off chance that it does, whether it a smart thought to document a vehicle scratch protection claim?

Car protection gives inclusion to different unanticipated harms that your vehicle might support out and about. Whether it’s a finished loss of the guaranteed vehicle or a minor accident bringing about a couple of vehicle scratches, you can get them covered under complete vehicle insurance.


However, prior to raising a protection guarantee for scratches on your vehicle, you should consider not raising a case and bearing the maintenance costs out of your pocket. This is on the grounds that asserting for little vehicle scratches might result in a higher premium in the future.

Here are a couple of things that you ought to consider prior to raising a vehicle protection guarantee for minor fixes in India:

    1. Will Your Car Insurance Policy Cover It?

      The first and the principal interesting point prior to raising a case for vehicle insurance scratches is whether your current engine protection contract will cover it or not?

      A outsider risk vehicle insurance contract covers no harm other than outsider liabilities, like real wounds, demise, or property harms. Outsider harm isn’t minor harm and you can guarantee for it under this sort of insurance contract. Notwithstanding, when your vehicle supports minor harms, you can’t guarantee it under an outsider cover.

      Claiming for a minor fix is conceivable assuming that you have exhaustive vehicle insurance contract This contract covers own harms as well as gives monetary help with instance of outsider liabilities. Along these lines, you should consider the sort of vehicle strategy you have prior to raising a scratched vehicle protection claim.

    1. Will It Affect Your NCB?

      Another significant point worth considering prior to raising little vehicle protection claims impact will it have on your No Claim Bonus rebate. NCB is a prize that a policyholder gets for not bringing a case up in an approach year. This prize gets amassed and can be utilized to get a markdown on premium during strategy renewal.

      However, in the event that your vehicle has experienced little misfortunes like a scratch or gouge, creating a case can invalidate your NCB reward. Then again, on the off chance that you pay for these little fixes out of your pocket and avoid making any case, you can utilize your NCB rebate and pay a lesser premium on ensuing four-wheeler strategy buys. Along these lines, prior to raising a vehicle scratch protection guarantee, make a point to consider its effect on your current NCB reward.

  1. Will It Impact Your Deductibles?

    When you buy vehicle protection on the web, you might consent to pay some measure of the aggregate safeguarded at the hour of guarantee settlement. This sum is known as a deductible. The remainder of the case sum is paid by the insurance agency. Along these lines, it brings about you bearing a piece of the harms supported by your car.

    Suppose your vehicle has supported minor gouges, which say cost Rs. 3,000, and you raised a case for it. In such a situation, you will be expected to pay some piece of these costs say Rs. 2,000 and the rest Rs. 1,000 will be paid by your guarantor. On the off chance that you pick a higher deductible, you will wind up paying a weighty, which is really not something practical to do.


    Moreover, in such a circumstance, you will likewise miss your NCB compensation as you have raised a case for a minor fix under your engine insurance contract. Hence, prior to raising a case for little fixes like vehicle scratches, make a point to compute well ahead of time the deductible sum you should pay for and whether it helps you out or not.

  2. Will It Impact Your Premium?

    Raising ensuing cases influences your NCB as well as your case history. This element assumes a significant part in deciding how much premium you will pay for your vehicle strategy in future. On the off chance that you raise different cases in any event, for minor fixes, you might need to pay a higher engine insurance installment in future.

    The expansion in vehicle insurance payments generally relies upon the idea of cases. If under a large portion of the cases, you are under shortcoming and such cases are regular, odds are good that your back up plan will expand your engine insurance installment as they will look at you as a major liability.

    However, you can keep away from this situation by paying for minor fixes from your pocket and not raising continuous protection guarantee for scratches on your car.


Raising a vehicle protection guarantee for minor fixes like scratches absolutely relies on you. In any case, prior to taking any choice, realize that each guarantee you make whether little or huge is recorded by your back up plan and can make an adverse consequence on your future expenses. In this way, however much as could be expected, try not to document a protection guarantee for scratches on the vehicle to get better inclusion at a lower engine protection cost in the future.