All You Need to Know About Public EV Charging in India

Electric vehicles are not difficult to drive as well as climate amicable as it takes out the requirement for petroleum. It can likewise assist you with setting aside cash as the petroleum and diesel costs in India are contacting the rooftop. Be that as it may, the absence of electric vehicle charging stations has made a hindrance to the far and wide deals of electric vehicles in India. Peruse further to find out about open EV charging in India.


About Public EV Charging Infrastructure in India

The accessibility, moderateness, and eco-amicability of electric vehicles in India have made individuals move to this advanced and imaginative innovation. They are viable with the climate as well as more efficient when contrasted with vehicles that sudden spike in demand for fuel. In addition, with the rising pattern for such vehicles, buying electric vehicle protection has likewise become simpler than before.

One of the critical necessities to speed up the reception of electric vehicles is the accessibility of public charging stations in India. The Government has taken numerous drives to expand the improvement of public EV charging focuses across the country.

So far, India has introduced 1,640 functional public charging stations in urban communities like Surat, Pune, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, and so on. The Government has likewise elaborate private and public offices like NTPC, BEE, EESL, and so on to additional upgrade the public EV charging framework in India. Besides, somewhere in the range of 2021 and 2022, there has likewise been an extra establishment of 678 public electric vehicle charging stations in 9 more cities.


The Government has additionally intended to additionally extend the Public EV charging foundation the nation over. In such manner, the Oil Corporation has intended to send off 22,000 more EV charging stations on National Highways and other conspicuous urban areas in India.

Where Car I Find Public EV Charging Stations in India?

India is gradually walking towards making increasingly more EV charging arrangements promptly accessible to electric vehicle clients all around the country. Assuming you are wanting to buy an Electric vehicle or are battling to charge one, this is the way you can find public electric vehicle charging stations in India.


Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

Every electric vehicle maker in India gives electric vehicle charging stations of their own. You can rapidly find an EV charging station at your close by vehicle vendor store. You can likewise find an electric vehicle charging station from the car producer from where you have purchased your electric car.

Moreover, some car makers have set up committed EV charging stations at public spots like shopping centers, public social affair places, significant places of interest, and so on to assist with peopling accuse their electric vehicles of simplicity. They likewise offer committed client care benefits that assist clients with finding close by electric vehicle charging stations.

Google Maps

Another simple and fast method for finding EV charging answers for your electric vehicle is by utilizing Google Maps. With expanding mechanical progressions, Google Maps have begun showing close by electric vehicle charging stations that you can view as just via looking for one.

Moreover, Google likewise offers the choice of Android Auto administrations, which coordinate with Google Maps and your EV framework so you can find an EV charging station close you.

EV Charging Station Locator App

There are many charging station finder applications accessible for both Android and iOS clients that utilize the geotagging highlights to find a close-by electric vehicle charging station. With the assistance of these applications, you can rapidly look for an electric vehicle charging station close to you and get its direction.

Things to Consider while Looking for EV Charging Stations

Make sure to consider these focuses prior to searching for an electric vehicle charging station in India:


1. How Far is the Charging Station?

One of the main variables is the distance between your area and the EV charging station. There might be situations when you need more charging left to go exceptionally far for a charging station. In this manner, make a point to consider coming to a close by charging station before your vehicle’s battery becomes dead.

2. Is It Compatible with Your Car?

There might be occasions when the EV charger isn’t viable with the charging fitting of your electric vehicle. With a rising number of electric vehicles on the lookout, the possibilities of incongruent charging plugs have become normal. However the Government is hoping to lay out guidelines for EV charging, still, many charging connectors are being utilized by the EV charging stations.

Thus, it becomes fundamental that you check the similarity of your vehicle’s accusing fitting to that accessible in the EV charging station.


3. Might You at any point Leave Your Car Unattended?

Charging an electric vehicle is a tedious cycle. In such cases, you should check regardless of whether you can leave your electric vehicle unattended. There ought to be an appropriate leaving station in the event that your vehicle is taking more time to charge, like 4 to 5 hours. In this way, make a point to check how much do it is to leave your electric vehicle unattended at the EV charging station.

4. The amount Does It Cost?

Price is additionally a significant component considered while charging your electric vehicle from a public EV charging station in India. While charging an electric vehicle is more affordable than petroleum or diesel one, it is as yet fitting to really look at the expense of charging your electric vehicle in advance. Additionally, try to check the installment modes accessible as many stations just acknowledge installment through online modes.

So it would be smarter to check the expense and installment modes accessible prior to picking an EV charging station for your electric vehicle.



Due to expanding contamination in India, utilizing an electric vehicle can be an incredible option in contrast to ordinary gas-run vehicles. They are moderately more up-to-date with a ton of degrees given there is sufficient EV charging arrangements accessible in India. In addition, with the expanding popularity of EV vehicles, numerous insurance agencies have likewise begun selling electric vehicle protection at reasonable rates. Assuming that you are hoping to buy electric vehicle protection, you can analyze the protection paces of various plans on sites like and pick the well-thought-out plan for your electric car.