All You Must Know About Your Car’s PUC Certificate

The ascend in contamination levels across the globe has incited numerous nations to fix discharge levels emerging from motor vehicles of their residents. The contamination discharge levels are fixed for a wide range of engine vehicles. In India, a wide range of vehicles are expected to go through discharge tests to guarantee they stick to the emanation standards set somewhere near the specialists.


Imagine this situation You concentrated on reducing a vehicle you need to purchase and you chose one; it is inside your set spending plan and elements nearly all that you want. You go to the specific vehicle display area, select one of the money choices and emerge with the vehicle you were looking at on. 

If it is your subsequent time purchasing a vehicle, you’re most likely knowledgeable with the legitimate obligatory necessities of claiming a vehicle. Notwithstanding, in the event that it is your most memorable time, you may be keen on getting yourself familiar with these lawful necessities to try not to get fined by the specialists. Most vehicle proprietors know that it is so essential to have a driving permit and enrollment authentication (RC) however they will generally ignore possessing outsider insurance or the need to have an extensive vehicle protection contract, and above all a PUC certificate.


Third-party protection is a required protection inclusion that the vehicle proprietor must have according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. PUC Certification then again is additionally a lawful necessity, commanded by the Central Motor Vehicle Rule, 1989. 

Now, let us momentarily comprehend about vehicle’s PUC testament and how it can benefit you.

What is PUC?

Pollution Under Control, PUC, is a testament that is given to the vehicle proprietor expressing the vehicle has breezed through a PUC assessment and subsequently, fulfills the contamination control guidelines as commanded by the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1989. This authentication vets that your vehicle’s outflows are in arrangement with the standard contamination standards and thus, not hurtful to the climate. According to the law, it is required for a wide range of vehicles utilizing on the Indian streets to have a refreshed PUC certificate.


The contamination endorsement has insights concerning your vehicle, for example, your vehicle enrollment number, date of the discharge test, the chronic number of the PUC, the test perusing, and the legitimacy date of the outflow test. The legitimacy of the PUC is for a very long time and after which another endorsement would be required.

How Does PUC Help the Car Owners? 

If during the test, your vehicle is transmitting more than the satisfactory standards, the PUC authentication won’t be given and it will make you face the accompanying problems:

  • In case, your vehicle is transmitting contamination over the acknowledged levels and you are not getting it fixed to save money on cost then your back up plan can not recharge your vehicle insurance contract. It is on the grounds that the recharging of the approach relies upon the refreshed PUC certificate.
  • As per the new warning by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, assuming that the authorization official has motivation to accept the vehicle being referred to outflows’ level is more than the acknowledged discharge principles, they might guide the vehicle proprietor to present the vehicle for leading the test. Inability to do so will draw in a punishment. On the off chance that the vehicle proprietor neglects to agree with this, the concerned authority can suspend the endorsement of enrollment of the vehicle until the vehicle proprietor presents a legitimate refreshed PUC.
  • The vehicle proprietor will be punished for not conveying an outsider insurance contract   and PUC endorsement. In the event that it is your first-time offense of not conveying a PUC endorsement, you will be accused of ₹1000 and on reiteration, the sum can go up to ₹2000.

How to Get a PUC Certificate?


PUC is an approved endorsement in particular allowed to vehicles that breeze through the PUC assessment. You can get your vehicle tried at any (approved to test) petroleum siphons who with the assistance of explicit testing gadgets will examine the discharge line to check for the outflow rate. In the wake of directing the test, they will give a declaration whenever passed, against an ostensible charge. To realize the PUC focuses, visit the PUC endorsement tab of the Parivahan official site. On the site, you will get the RTO-supported focus list alongside their addresses.

PUC Test Percentage Criteria

PUC test really looks at the level of discharge of CO and different Hydrocarbons in ppm. Your vehicle would be thought of as qualified for the endorsement according to the accompanying criteria:


Year of Manufacturing

Percentage of CO

Hydrocarbon (in PPM)




4 wheelers fabricated according to the Pre Bharat Stage II ( subsequent Norms)



4 wheelers fabricated according to the Pre Bharat Stage II Norms



Apart from making you an honest resident, having a PUC testament have specific advantages to vehicle proprietors too. Whenever you test your vehicle like clockwork, not just you will become mindful of the contamination levels of your vehicle yet in addition get to be aware assuming that it needs overhauling before it turns into a bigger issue. Another explanation would be; it is a fundamental essential for restoring your vehicle protection policy.



Having a PUC testament guarantees that your vehicle is discharging contamination which is under adequate standards. Accordingly, it is basic you convey the PUC for your vehicle consistently as the inability to create one could bring about a fine by the concerned authorities. 

Also, it is fitting prior to purchase the best vehicle insurance contract, look at the advantages of each plan online to settle on an educated choice. Also, in conclusion, having a PUC shows you are cognizant of the climate since vehicle discharges contribute vigorously to air pollution.