10 Steps to Follow After a Car Accident In India

None of us could at any point believe a disaster should occur with us or our vehicle while driving on the streets of India. Notwithstanding, with expanding endlessly traffic rules infringement, occurrences like street mishaps have expanded in number. Is it true that you are stressed over what ought to be done when your vehicle experiences an appalling mishap? Peruse underneath to be aware of things that you ought to do after an auto collision in India.


10 Things You Should Do After a Car Accident in India

According to a report by World Bank, “There are 53 street mishaps consistently and 1 passing like clockwork in India”. Auto crashes are very normal because of the unfortunate state of streets and transport framework in the country. These details likewise feature the significance of having a vehicle insurance contract for your car.

Moreover, it likewise becomes basic for us to have legitimate information on what to do after an auto collision. Here is a rundown of 10 stages that you can trail behind a fender bender in India:

1. Stop the Car

When you are associated with a fender bender, you should initially stop at the scene as this is a lawful commitment to follow. Regardless of whether the mishap is a minor one, don’t take off from the mishap spot as doing so may prompt official procedures against you. Additionally, attempt to stay as quiet as could really be expected and keep away from any silly contention with the other driver.


2. Pay special attention to Any Injury

The next thing that you really want to do is to check whether anybody is genuinely harmed in the mishap. Try to initially inspect yourself for any injury and post for other people. Survey the degree of injury of individuals who were engaged in the mishap. Additionally, evaluate whether any outsider has supported a physical issue so you can guarantee the payable remuneration sum under outsider vehicle insurance.

3. Get Medical Help

In instance of minor wounds, you can give medical aid to the harmed as quickly as time permits. Your vehicle accompanies an essential emergency treatment pack that you can use for minor wounds. On the off chance that anybody is genuinely harmed or non-responsive, hit up an emergency vehicle right away. Make a point to take care of your body too and look for clinical exhortation if necessary.


4. Cozy Your Insurance Company

After you have dealt with the harmed, now is the ideal time to insinuate your insurance agency about the mishap. Promptly call the insurance agency whose vehicle insurance contract you have bought and illuminate them about the mishap with the goal that a case can be enrolled at the earliest. Give them definite data about the own harms supported by your vehicle as well as outsider harms if any. Try to give each and every snippet of data really as giving any off-base data might prompt case rejection.

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5. Record a Police FIR

To stay away from any legitimate intricacies, illuminate the police about the fender bender straightaway. You will be additionally expected to record a First Information Report (FIR) if there should be an occurrence of an outsider vehicle protection guarantee settlement process. Additionally, make a point to keep a duplicate of the Police FIR that you can submit to the insurance agency during the vehicle protection guarantee process.

6. Take Pictures

Take photographs of the harms caused at the spot of the mishap for the insurance agency to get a more clear picture. Click photos of the harms supported by the safeguarded vehicle, outsider property harms as well as the mishap spot. Make sure that the photographs are understood and have been taken from all points so the harms are plainly apparent in the photos. Doing so guarantees that the case is settled without much hassle.

7. Submit Documents

Once you have detailed the occurrence, you will be expected to present a couple of records to document a case under your fender bender strategy. The archives that are expected if there should arise an occurrence of a fender bender are:

  • A duplicate of the legitimate driving license
  • A duplicate of the Police FIR
  • Copy of vehicle enlistment declaration (RC)
  • Copy of vehicle protection papers
  • Repair estimates

Make sure to keep this multitude of records convenient and submit them when expected for a quicker vehicle protection guarantee settlement.

8. Get Your Car Repaired

Before continuing with the genuine fixes, the insurance agency might send an assessor who will gauge the degree of fixes expected by the guaranteed vehicle. After this, you can get your vehicle fixed in the approved organization carport of the insurance agency. The towing office for the harmed vehicle will be given by the insurance agency itself. You can likewise get your vehicle fixed at a non-approved carport and raise a repayment guarantee with your insurer.

9. Vehicle Insurance Claim Settlement


Once the fixes of your vehicle are finished, your insurance agency will settle the protection guarantee with the organization carport if there should be an occurrence of a credit only case settlement process. In the event that you have your vehicle fixed in a non-network carport, the insurance agency will repay you the whole case sum after the fixes are finished. Be that as it may, try to keep all the maintenance bills and installment receipts with you for a simple case repayment process.

10. Be Prepared for Any Adversity on Road

A street mishap can come unannounced and along these lines, it is in every case better to be ready for any misfortune while driving. Try with keep all the traffic guidelines appropriately, comply to as far as possible, and not drink & drive as most street mishaps occur because of these reasons as it were. Besides, keep duplicates of the multitude of vital reports like your engine protection papers, driving permit, enlistment testament, and so forth with you at whatever point you are driving on the road.



Car mishaps can be troubling yet on the off chance that you know how to manage them, you can save yourself from weighty fix use. However, that is just conceivable assuming you safeguard your vehicle with a vehicle insurance contract. In spite of the fact that buying basically an outsider vehicle insurance contract is required, you can decide on a complete contract to cover your vehicle as well as outsider liabilities if there should arise an occurrence of a fender bender. On the off chance that you are searching for a reasonable engine insurance contract, you can look at changed plans and get it from protection merchant sites like Policybazaar.com.