Beginner’s Guide to Cashless Car Insurance Policy in India

Gone are the days when you would go through days standing by to guarantee repayment from the insurance agency for costs caused on harm to your vehicle covered under the insurance contract.


Cashless claims are steadily acquiring prevalence in the midst of developing computerized reception and the need of great importance for speedy, bother free, and on-spot claims, guaranteeing decreased monetary weight on the insured.

What is a Cashless Car Insurance Policy?

A credit only case for permits you to guarantee your cover and get every one of the money related benefits without spending anything out of your pocket at the hour of taking care of bills. The insurance agency deals with straightforwardly settling the sum with the assistance provider.

As credit only cases begin acquiring ubiquity, insurance agency have started presenting them in engine protection plans as well.

Under the credit only vehicle protection office, every one of the advantages of your vehicle insurance can be profited without paying the expense of fixes or clinical wounds associated with a sad mishap. Every one of the costs and bills are straightforwardly borne by the protection company.


Difference between Cashless Claim and Reimbursement Claim




Expenses Incurred

All costs are first caused by you and afterward sent for reimbursement

The guarantor straightforwardly settles the bills with the garage

Claim Process

Documents & bills are first checked by the insurance agency adding an additional a stage in the process.

No such advance is expected as the safety net provider bears every one of the costs making it an incredibly simple, fast, and bother free process.

Network Garages

The repayment sum can be guaranteed at any carport across the nation

Cashless fixes must be guaranteed at the safety net provider’s accomplice carports network


Cashless Claim Settlement: How Does It Work?

Your protection supplier has tie-ups with a few accomplice carports and other specialist co-ops the country over. Such specialist co-ops are approved by the Insurance Company and are a piece of their organization garages.

These network carports have a concurrence with the insurance agency to give you credit only fix administrations at the hour of asserting harms because of a mishap. This is the way you can easily make a credit only vehicle protection claim:

  • In the instance of an appalling mishap, you really want to find the closest organization carport of the insurer
  • As the guarantor is implied, the organization carport will start fixes for your vehicles as well as the course of the credit only case settlement.
  • Once the fixes are made, the bill is straightforwardly shipped off the insurance agency from the organization garage
  • The whole bill will be borne by the back up plan with the exception of a few deductible expenses as well as the deterioration cost

Is it Completely Cashless?

While the whole expense of your maintenance is paid by the Insurance Company, you really want to remember that still a modest quantity of the bill must be paid by you. This includes:

  • Deductibles: The least deductible sum would be characterized in your arrangement and would be borne by you in the awful episode of a mishap. The obligatory sum to be deducted is pre-characterized by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) in light of the limit of the motor. Be that as it may, this sum doesn’t affect your engine protection premium.
  • Depreciation cost of parts that are replaced: Damaged parts convey a specific level of devaluation with them and this cost increments as the vehicle ages in life years. The greatest sum can be half and would need to be borne by you.
  • Consumables: These included ointments, motor oil, and other hardware consumed during the maintenance of the vehicle, and the equivalent would be borne by you.

While the expense of deductibles and the consumables can’t be stayed away from, the expense of deterioration caused on the substitution of parts can be kept away from by you in the event that you pick a zero-devaluation add-on for your vehicle.


Cashless Car Insurance Claims – The Need of the Hour

  • Transparent: The bills and gauges of fixes expected to be made on the vehicle are shipped off the insurance agency toward the starting before the work is started. The assessor from the insurance agency is associated with the interaction all along, henceforth, both the guaranteed and the safety net provider are guaranteed of veritable appraisals by the organization carport. This whole interaction makes vehicle guarantee settlement very transparent.
  • Speedy Claims: The assessor from the insurance agency engages in the process when the accident happens and the organization is educated. This makes the whole cycle to be accelerated as the assessor sends the bills to the insurance agency promptly as fixes can’t start until endorsements are made.

hassle Process: Cashless claims have no conventions required for what it’s worth on account of repayment claims where you would have to present the supporting archives as well as the repayment structure which makes it a major problem. Credit only cases are developing to be more qualified to the cutting edge speedy era.

  • Extremely Convenient: With credit only cases, you would have no need to pay for the unexpected costs for the harms brought about to your vehicle with the exception of the deductibles and deterioration. This makes it incredibly helpful as all the heavyweight is lifted by the insurance agency for you as far as the monetary burden
  • Quality Service Provided: In such a profoundly aggressive business environment, Insurance Companies restrict with the top tier carports so that in addition to the fact that you get quicker guarantees yet additionally quality assistance for your vehicle. This guarantees higher client satisfaction.


It is positively the need of great importance to pick credit only cases as a favored decision over repayment claims nowadays.

Cashless vehicle protection is here to make your life simple as well as improve and speed up the whole course of asserting vehicle protection. The cycle has now become straightforward, less difficult, and very helpful for both the safety net provider and the insured.

With the developing notoriety, a credit only case is currently presented by practically all Insurance Companies. Ensure you thoroughly analyze and purchase the best credit only vehicle insurance contract online for your vehicle for an issue free case process.